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Media disappears from stage at pause cue randomly


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So I am rehearsing a show right now and I have a handful of auxiliary timelines that are built similar to the one in the uploaded picture. As I've been rehearsing I'm having some of the media randomly disappear from the stage as they hit the pause cue. I can go back and re-trigger and it doesn't happen. It isn't happening consistently at all. I can often run through the entire timeline without any issues but then randomly on a run through a media asset or two will disappear right at the pause cue.


I have tried reconsolidating my show, restarting my control machine and display machines, etc. pretty much everything short of rebuilding my entire show. I remember vaguely someone I was working with about 5 years ago having a similar problem and they had to rebuild their entire show. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have a potential fix or solution?




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21 minutes ago, Morgan Wong said:

Do you mean the video disappear on the Production PC Stage window?

or Display output?

I can see your "pause" cue are overlapped with the video (red line)

Please try to put the pause cue on different layer, see if it helps.

Thanks, to clarify it was disappearing from the stage window as well as the output display. 

I did as you suggested and it seems to have fixed the issue. I see what you mean about the red lines now. I didn't realize that all the play/pause cues should be in a separate layer. It is my first show using Watchout and I have just been trying to figure it out based off what a couple people have told me.


I have one timeline with about 20 layers of like a letters popping up one after the other for a chant and I wasn't able to get through it without at least one or two letters disappearing. I edited the timeline so that all my pause cues are on a separate layer and now I've gone through it 5 times without any issue so thank you, I believe this fixed the issue.


It would be great if Watchout had a video tutorial of running at least a basic sample show with cues and stuff. I watched all the videos in the training academy but they were pretty much all different kinds of setups but none actually running a show with a bunch of cues and assets.


Anyways, thanks again for the help.

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4 hours ago, Morgan Wong said:

i always reserve layer 1-4 for control cues & notes.

so you can easily see when will stop or when is next cue/scene.image.thumb.png.a498a126780548ded9acc1b686fc7a8d.png

exactly this. In order to not have all these layered cues active, one could lock the layers they are in. Except one of course.

Also a good trick to just bypass them all, for testing content or so.

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6 hours ago, Morgan Wong said:

i always reserve layer 1-4 for control cues & notes.

so you can easily see when will stop or when is next cue/scene.image.thumb.png.a498a126780548ded9acc1b686fc7a8d.png

Interesting, and thanks. This utilization of play and pause cues is very beyond my comprehension. My background is entirely in running live shows cue to cue and this is my first show using any kind of timeline based software. People have told me it is similar to Adobe Premier (in terms of how you build a show) but I've never used anything like that.


Are there any videos you could recommend for me to check out that would show a good utilization of all these play and pause cues?


Basically the way I designed my show is with all my clips looping and free running with an opacity tween followed by pause cue for a fade in and then another opacity tween and pause cue a second later for fade out. I could imagine how to use a play cue to trigger consecutive assets without having to manually click to them, but the way you have multiple cues stacked together in the image you uploaded is, again, beyond my ability to imagine exactly how it is used and as I previously mentioned it is very difficult to find many WatchOut tutorials, especially any that explain the utilization of timelines to run a show. If you can point me to anything, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks again for your help.

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