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Notebook producer AMD Ryzen

David Laser

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I'm considering buying a notebook to use as a producer Watchout.
I got tired of carrying a 4 rack pc to use as a producer.
I am considering purchasing an Asus Strix with AMD Ryzen 7 6800H and RTX3060 graphics, 16Gb RAM.
I used to always use Intel processors, in recent years there has been a strong growth of AMD processors and now there are more of Intel processors.
I wanted to know if AMD processors are stable with Watchout or is there any instability.
Thank you all.

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It is pretty tough to beat the Notebook offered by Show*Sage. They have optimized so many details, for example, the keyboard has a separate number pad to take full advantage of WATCHOUT shortcuts. And more.  https://www.showsage.com/beta/docs/workstation_guide.pdf 

More important, they have performed the tuning and critical confirmation testing. And should anything go awry, they support the notebook / WATCHOUT combination. Put a price on that :)

I am sure the AMD processors will work fine. The few users who have gone that route have not reported any issues. On the other hand, that is a small sample size. The overwhelming majority of WATCHOUT server cpu s in the field are Intel based. 

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Thanks everyone for the information.
I would like to use a Thunderbolt 3 to Ethernet 10GBase-T Adapter.
I noticed that notebooks with AMD processors do not have this port, it is a connection developed by Intel / Apple.
Anyone know how these watchout adapters work?
It could make the difference in my case between AMD and Intel.
Thank you

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