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Network error' Display computer:Connection Lost


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Continuous network error, try replacing cables, switch hubs, and PCs
I've changed the IP bandwidth, and I've disabled all of the Windows Firewall, but this message occurs about once every three to four hours. In order to play in a normal state again after the message occurs, you need to reload Ctrl+d to play normally. What's wrong with this?
Looking at the previous forum, the same symptoms occur when you check the log and proceed with window updates.



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Nine times out of ten, the network error message you observe is NOT a network issue. The significant part of that message is “… Connection lost…”. While a network error is one possible explanation for a lost connection, far more common is the WATCHOUT Display software (watchpoint) has crashed and stopped communicating, resulting in connection lost.

So, when you see this message, observe what is occurring in WATCHOUT Display (watchpoint) to determine the more likely cause. If watchpoint is displaying its logo screen, that most likely means it has crashed and the monitoring part of watchpoint (aka watchdog) has restarted the watchpoint software. 

If you determine watchpoint has crashed / restarted, forget production and its meaningless message and focus on watchpoint and the possible causes for its crash.

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On issue could be that the display machine/s are not „powerful“ enough to play back the content. I had that and it took a while to isolate it to just that.

Which was a disappointment for some people who had hoped it would have been my programming mistakes and not just their „too cheap“. 

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