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freezing video first frame


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Is there a feature or some way to freeze my videos first frame before it starts?




yes, its called In-Time in video cue properties


That is not what in-time does.



It is simple to open the video in any video editing tool (even QuickTime Pro)

and copy a frame from the video so that you can use it as a still.


The In-Time is not working for me...

I put 3 seconds on In-Time, then the video starts 3 seconds foward and don't freeze at any moment.

Should this be a bug with my watchout, should i reinstall?

No bugs here.

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Pause cue might work, but it has risks. Also depending on codec used. For instance, recently I did a 3D presentation where content was supplied as png sequence. (22 slides with 40 moving animations (and 40 stops). They had only 8 sequential stills or less per stop. Soon found out that using mpeg2, no matter which GOP structure, was a pain in the ass getting the pause cue's right, leaving the correct still displayed. Finally turned to h264, with full keyframe on each frame. Bit more processor intensive, but did a perfect job.

But using first (few) frame(s) of video to start of with you might risk the fact that WO won't load video. I guess if you made sure that video is edited with at least 3 seconds of still picture embedded, you should be safe. Preloading video by using preactivated aux timeline is an easy tool.


Using an exported still of first frame is always the safest way to go. Simply assuming you can use just a pause cue is not enough...

But why haven't you just tested this yet? I always extensively test ALL chosen solutions before even starting to designing and programming the show, so I always have enough time to solve any upcoming issues. Hate to solve these issues with a client breathing in my neck. I strongly feel that my client deserves a calm and worry-free (pre)show.

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Hmmm, no, that wouldn't work either. You basically want the video flown in with a still first frame and start to play once in place? Then, yes, just stick to exporting the first frame as still for this. How easy can it be, right? (you could use pre roll as long as the needed animation, do the position tweening on this and copy these tween points to the still cue (so you don't have to fiddle around with position, it's exactly as is)


Or am I missing something here, guys?

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I can freeze the video first frame by using cues comands and an auxiliar timeline, but doing it to several videos would take some time and mostly i don't have the time.


Usually I'm using a black image to the moviment and fade to the video when in the position, but it also takes some time.


But I guess there is no easier way :/

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