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Watchout Producer and Display on separate VLAN ?


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In order to separate different equipment and control traffic, we are looking into having producer and displays on two separate VLAN.

Rules are set in the router so Display VLAN can see the Producer VLAN, but not all others ones (sound, lighting, I/O ...)

So far we can ping Displays from the producer, push content and go Online without any error but no show is displayed (only black)

I understand that TCP and UDP needs to pass for the system to work correctly so we tried to open the UPD communications but we haven't been successful yet.

Are we trying to do something that can't be done, or should we just find the proper router setting ?





Switch : Unify Switch 8 PoE (150W) or Cisco SG2000-18 (we tried both as we though that unifi would eventually block the UDP, but the result is the same.)

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Error between VPN and VLAN
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6 minutes ago, jfk said:

…. Note, after transferring the show, you could run the show in cluster mode, as the controller to cluster communication can be done with only TCP. WATCHNET, WATCHOUT Remote, Pixilab, AMX, Crestron, Medialon, etc., etc are potential controllers to accomplish that.

I include that because it is still valid to go online and completely transfer show resources without UDP. So you may remotely load / edit / update the show, but no useable timeline control from watchmaker. After transferring the show, remove production, restart your displays and you can cluster playback with local or remote control.

Yes, that is beyond the scope of the original question. But seperate networks, virtual or otherwise, same issues.

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Do you really mean "VPN", as in a remote Virtual Private Network connection between peoduction and display computer(s) over the internet?

I get a feeling what you're referring to is VLAN, which would make sense "to separate different equipment and control traffic". Running WATCHOUT over a VLAN should not be a problem, assuming switches are configured to route all packets properly. The VLAN "bundling" and "unbundling" (applying the VLAN "tags") can be done by most professional grade managed switches, and once the packets leave the switch that "unbundles" the tagged VLAN packets, they should work the same as on a non-VLAN-subnet.


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  • SteffVernier changed the title to Watchout Producer and Display on separate VLAN ?

I had to do something sort of similar. In the end it was easier to network the display computer directly to the production computer, then use different network ports on the computers for NDI cameras, Dante, etc. I'm not sure if that's something doable for you or not though depending on your setup.

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