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Any idea why this image glitching happens?

Aldo Rios

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It happens that certain files will display in a glitchy way on the LED screen but not in the Watchout timelines and virtual displays.

The files I’ve been using are MP4 H264 codec. The ones that are glitching are 1920 x 768 resolution.  As I far as I tested it doesn’t make any difference changing the bitrate. Curious thing is that re-rendering the videos and changing the resolution of the file to 2000 x 768 will make the files work on the screen, regardless of the bitrate and fps. 

I have over 300 videos that are not being displayed properly, and that now I have to render again in a different resolution in order to make them work. I’m guessing if there’s any fix to this or if anyone has an idea of why is it happening. Thank in advance! 


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GPU model and driver version?
Watchout version?


Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.6.7
An issue with newer NVIDIA drivers (version 461.x and later) affecting conversion to NV12 color space has been fixed.


but interesting thing is 2000x768 works,  what is the different between 1920x768 & 2000x768 (except resolution)?

are the level same?

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