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Audio management over 5.1 outputs


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Anyone out there available to help me with an audio question. I have 5.1 enabled in my 'Realtek' audio controls in the display machines control panel. I've tested the outputs and verified the audio. Now, my question is; how do you asscociate the proper display on my 4 head card to the proper audio output? These outputs are not numbered (instead they read - Side, Sub, Rear, Out etc...) I have v5 running ATI FirePro V7900. I have a WAV test file. However there arent ANY options in Watchouts GUI that allow me to direct what Audio file gets tied to what TRS output. I can drag the file to the screen I want.... but how do I configure the file to play over a single channel?


My set up is one display machine feeding 3 seperate trade show booths. Each booth needs a discreet audio send. I was advised to use my 5.1 TRS outs to send the (3) different feeds... however this does not seem very intuitive. What am I missing?


Time sensitive - I have a show tomorrow and have not been able to work this out.



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Hi J3,


What is what on your Realtek card, you have to look in the manual for your motherboard to determine.


Normally it's labeled like this, on three analog 3,5 mm stereo outputs:

Blue: REAR Speaker Out

Green: FRONT Speaker Out



WATCHOUT needs a Extensible Wave file, WAVE-EX, can be created in Audacity for example.

Please look in these threads in the forum for more on the subject:







Hope this helps,




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