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The answer may be different based on the WATCHOUT version you are using. v5.5.x and v6 have differences in WATCHPAX configuration.

Note, a WATCHPAX 2 as shipped from the factory is NOT compatible with the current version of WATCHOUT. The original configuration of WATCHPAX 2 is only compatible with WATCHOUT 6.6.5 and older versions. If you wish to use versions 6.6.7 or higher, the unit must return for factory update (this can be done by Premium Partners or Dataton factory.)

WATCHPAX run the same WATCHOUT Display software as any other WATCHOUT Display computer. So any user guide reference to the display software applies to WATCHPAX as well.

IP address is set with a startup script stored on the WATCHPAX. See: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-users-guide/appendix/c-control-protocol/controlling-the-display-software

BTW The setIP command only applies to  WATCHPAX so it is documented in the WATCHPAX sample startup script. see:




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8 hours ago, SawLae said:

Can we use the Watchout license across versions like the watchpax2 license is version5 and my Watchout production is version 6


All stations in a WATCHOUT system must be the same version.

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Sorry for the interruption. Can I ask for advice?

Can I ask about something more about watchpax2? For now, I use watchpax2 at work, and I found some problems that watchpax2 would like to show on the screen: "  Display Specification Mismatch Specified resolution can't be set." but sometimes it can work. I don't know what is the problem that makes watchpax2 going to be like this. Do you have any advice on this problem?



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On 12/16/2023 at 5:05 AM, SawLae said:

Can I ask about Watchpax2? I want to know how to set up Watchpax 2 the first time And how to edit the IP address of the Watchpax2.

As to your original question, editing the IP address of a WATCHPAX or WATCHPAX 2 running version 5.5.x is a bit complex. A WATCHPAX or WATCHPAX 2 running v5.5.x ALWAYS uses DHCP to determine its IP address. That cannot be changed. The setIP command in a startup script of a WATCHPAX running version 5.5.x sets a virtual IP address in addition to the address determined by DHCP. That can result in some unexpected behavior. (This is changed in v6, in v6, the setIP command does in fact set a fixed IP address.) If you want to set a fixed IP on a WATCHPAX or WATCHPAX 2 running version 5.5.x, the recommended method is to provide a DHCP server with IP reservations. IP reservations reserve IP addresses for a specific MAC addresses. (I personally use a simple router DHCP server with the needed IP reservation function.) Related to that, always use WATCHOUT name when assigning the stage displays to a WATCHPAX, never use the IP address. (WATCHOUT name is assigned to a WATCHPAX or a display server using the WATCHOUT Production Network Window.)




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