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Stepping on dissolve in


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Hello all,

I am using WO 4 and we are going into a LED wall. I am using still psd images as color background in a theatre production. When I set the opacity for the color background to dissovle in I get this stutter stepping in the fade up. It doesn't seem to do that video files just the stills. We are coming out of the WO display computer VGA into a switcher/scaler and from the swithcer/scaler I go into the processor DVI that sends the info to the LED wall. Is this a refresh rate type of issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You bet. Animations of bit maps (still images) in WATCHOUT should be silk smooth. Please connect the WATCHOUT display computers output directly to a good screen (or projector) with a short DVI cable with nothing else in-between. Make sure WATCHOUT and your graphic card is set to 60 Hz. I am sure you will now see a perfect result. Then you have to figure out what is causing the strutter/stepping. My guess is that you have some kind of miss-match in the VGA/switcher/scaler/LED processor area.


Good luck.


Fredrik Svahnberg


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I thought the same as Fredrik Svahnberg, a processor down stream not keeping up.

In v4, there is one other possibility, scaling down the image a large amount

(this issue is addressed / eliminated by v5's addition of dynamic scaling).

If the original still image is very much larger than the display size

and it is being scaled down a significant amount in v4 or earlier,

this could cause some animation stepping as well.

Fix is to scale it to the correct size with an appropriate graphics tool

before bringing it to WATCHOUT.

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