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IP Address is different on WO Display Logo screen than I entered


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I just loaded ver 5.3.1 on my display units and two of them are showing the wrong IP address on the Display logo screen.


I entered  and it show on the WO Dispaly as 104.


On the stage window display it is 103 and I get green light for connection and the systems seem to play fine when online.



What up.... any ideas?

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By the way only one CAT 5 output on the Computer and the TCP/IP v6 is turnned off.



WATCHOUT only cares about valid Windows IP connections.

Granted CAT5 is connected to an Ethernet port, which is a valid IP connection,

but it is not limited to that. 

Windows will provide valid IP connections via many methods - bluetooth, firewire, wifi, etc. - even virtual interfaces.

As Jonas indicates, it would be best to confirm no additional Windows IP connections are active.

If any are found, de-activaate / disable them in Windows.


On computers with FireWire ports (usually on the motherboard), as a Windows default,

more than once I have seen the Firewire port as an active IP connection - with nothing physically connected to the Firewire port. 

Same is true for computers with integrated wifi.

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