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How do you control a DMX device with Watchout 5


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Do I need a secondary ethernet card in the Production PC to receive DMX over Artnet from a lighting consolle?


No, you don't need that.



i.e LAN1 for Watchout network, LAN2 for Artnet?



Just add the artnet controlled device on the existing WATCHOUT network
The controlled ArtNet device should reside on the same IP-address range and subnet, as WATCHOUT.
Sometimes this means adopting to the ArtNet device's range.
ArtNet uses normally IP 2.x.x.x and Subnet
WATCHOUT needs the subnet to be set to,  for proper functon.
WATCHOUT listens on one DMX universe, and sends on another.
Please see the Preferences/Control tab for settings.
Devices normally used includes KISSBox DMX and Enttech ODE.
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Hi Jonas,

It's Possible to use more than 1 ArtNet devices on the network?. I try to install 4 KissBox to get 4 universe output.



No, as stated in the User Guide, the DMX output device(s) can only use one ArtNet universe.


Chapter 11 Inputs and Outputs page 205

You must also configure WATCHOUT to transmit DMX data on the Artnet Universe number used by the device(s) to be controlled. This is done under the Control tab in the Preferences dialog box (see “DMX-512 Universe” on page 123). All devices controlled by WATCHOUT must be in the same Artnet universe.


You could drive more than one universe using the DMX record / playback functions added in v5.2,

but not with the DMX device function.

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