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Bug 6.5


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Didn't think it is worth creating a new thread for but found another bug.

Copying and pasting a media element, or task containing a media element which has control formula assigned from an Input with a single period in the Input Name (i.e: 'LED.SATURATION') will cause a crash.  If the Input Name contains no period, or two or more periods, this issue does not occur.


Thought I was chasing a corrupt show until I narrowed this down...

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Same problem here, I have a show into a tweaked guided pc and I have got a crash when sometimes upload a new video, randomly then display crashes go offline and restart. I've seen the log, and got the severity network error "kind" : "Network","code" : -2146949299, "excuse" : "Command: writeShow; [Facility 32776]"


Are the same version 6.5, and are tweaked correctly

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