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  1. I dont know how to thank you. Been racking my brain for a week now. Deleted the ForcePcieLinkSpeed key and windows boots just fine! I hope dataton fixes this bug in 6.3
  2. Does that go in the watchout display startup shortcut? So my new shortcut would have to be. "C:\WATCHOUT 6\WATCHPOINT.EXE -WmAudioRegFix off"
  3. I am having this exact same issue. It never gets passed the windows 7 loading screen. I have also tried windows 10 both with fresh new installations. I also tried different chipsets and still having the same issue. AMD has no idea how to resolve it. I checked the boot files and it seems like its failing on the wx9100 driver load. W9100 cards dont present a problem. If I swap the card with a w9100, I have no issues and windows boots fine. Does anyone happen to know the registry key " WmAudioRegFix off " changes? I am willing to try anything at this point.
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