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    MST Hubs

    Hi, sorry if this is a duplicate post. Can't find exactly what I'm looking for. My WO Display servers have FireProW9100 cards. I'm often using expensive DVI routers to essentially do the job of multiple 2 way DA's. (splitting each output to local monitor and to display device). In an effort to save cost and complexity, I'm wondering if I could use multiple MST Hubs as 2 way DA's. (a lot cheaper than actual DA's) I read somewhere that you can set the GFX card to make each mst hub mirror instead of extend. I'm not sure if this would work once I get up to 6 WO outputs. I'm thinking it mi
  2. for 2 simultaneous feeds (4 channels), would you recommend the Blackmagic Decklink Quad for this, or is there anything newer and better you like? cheers.
  3. awesome. thanks very much. I'll give it a go.
  4. Hi, I have a graphics generator outputting HDSDI Key (alpha channel) and Fill (fill channel) on separate outputs. This normally gets combined in our production switcher to give us transparent overlays. I'd like to bring this into Watchout in the same way, to give me live inputs with alpha channel, without having to use Luma or Chroma Tween tracks. Does anyone know if this is possible? thanks
  5. Ah, ok. That will be the problem. Thanks. I've been trying to use SWFs for fancy text instead of Apple's keynote, but I guess that's not going to work for me. Any idea how I could achieve this in WO? I need animated text wipes, Cheers.
  6. New feature request. Could the text rendering engine be redesigned so it functions more like photoshop, keynote, ppt etc? So that you can draw a text box in a location in the stage, and have the text auto size to this box, with options available like kerning and sizing etc... Some text transition effects would be great as well. Also the ability to duplicate a text media item in the media bin, and then edit that new item. Thanks guys... Keep up the awesome work....
  7. Hi all, a couple of questions regarding flash text in SWF files: 1: triggering SWF movie files as dynamic images doesn't seem to be as responsive as other types of media. Occasionally the contents of the SWF file doesn't show up for a couple of seconds after the cue is triggered, and this means any animation I've applied to it is also missed. 2: I've created the SWF file in Adobe Animate CC (the latest version of Flash Pro). When I view the SWF movie on that computer (Mac Book Pro) the result looks perfect. nice and smooth antialiasing, and any animation in the file plays out nicely.
  8. Hi all, I have 3 separate WO systems in 3 stadiums (1 in each). Each system has a production machine and main and backup display machines. Can I have 1 central Dynamic Image Server for all 3 systems? cheers
  9. Yeah... I'm not keen on trying that right now, only because we are so close to show day, and I've already done a week of programming hundreds of gig of content. I don't want to take the risk. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I seem to be having some issues with Live Update. Here's my situation: Display Machine 1: 10 core Xeon RAID SSD's FirePro W9100 Using 4 x HD outputs FirePro S400 receiving genlock. Using output one as timing master. Have linked display machine 2 to this as a timing client. Display Machine 2: 10 core Xeon RAID SSD's FirePro W9100 Using 3 x HD outputs Running Version 6.0.1 Using a Cisco SG100 Gigabit Network Switch It seems to be a random issue.... when programming, moving media items around the stage, live update stops working, and I get a message s
  11. Hi, hoping to get some help with Dynamic Image Server. I am creating SWF files, which play nicely in web browsers, but the Dynamic Image Server application just shows it up as black. anyone got any ideas why they don't show up? cheers.
  12. Hi Jonas, I'm using WO 6. I need 7 outputs. Is it possible to use a MST hub on one of the MDP ports of a FirePro W9100 to get 7 outputs? I know you mentioned earlier in this thread that 6 is the maximum, but I thought I'd just check to see if there is any updates on this? cheers.
  13. I had a similar issue the other day with WO6. I'd been using HAP files all day with no problem. Then I brought in a new HAP file (same exact rendering process as all the others), and it came up in the stage window as a yellow and green jumbled mess. I'd never seen this before. After that, a Pro Res file did the same. And then an MPEG2 file did the same. The display machine also displayed them like this. I had to do a full reboot to fix the issue. I've tried it in WO5 and I can't replicate the issue with the MPEG2 and the ProRes. It was directly before doors, so I didn't have time t
  14. Hi Mike, don't suppose you know when the ProRes looping fix will be available? cheers.
  15. Hi, with Dynamic Image Server in WO6, I want to link to my twitter favorited timeline (using HTML). My HTML code animates the favorited tweets onto screen as they come in. Will WO show this live update with the html animation, or do I need to take the media item off and back on again for it to refresh? cheers.
  16. thanks. Yeah, delay is a concern. I've done some testing and I'm only getting 4 frames from source to final output. There's no IMAG involved, so I'm not doing too badly so far. cheers
  17. Hi, I'm planning a system that has a single W9100 and s400 in each display machine. All the display machine outputs will patch into a DVI RTR. DVI RTR outputs will patch into Spyder X20. X20 outputs will patch into Folsom Image Pro 2's. Image Pro 2 outputs will patch into LED Wall Processors. My concern is the sync. If it's all getting the same black burst, in theory it should work.... right? cheers.
  18. Hi, Just been reading through all these threads.... all very interesting stuff. I have 2 questions: 1: From what I understand, WO does 100% of it's video playback decoding on it's CPU, and none of it on the GPU. Is this correct? 2: Is this because of it's DirectX nature, as opposed to a system that would use OpenGL? cheers James
  19. feature request: a stop que that has a drop down box. in this drop down you can select which timelines you want it to stop, giving you the ability to stop multiple timelines from the 1 cue. this would be awesome.
  20. Thanks very much for the info. I'll have a crack at this. BTW, not too sure where to find the documentation for port numbers... Can you tell me where to look ,or tell me the numbers? Cheers.
  21. Hi all, I am trying to implement Watchout V5 into a Network via 2 CISCO 6509 Core switches. The settings in the switches are all defaulted. I am experiencing issues with the display machine not responding well enough to control commands from the production pc. It's rather erratic. If I bypass these switches and use a domestic "dumb" gigabit switch then all is good in the world. However, I have to use the above switches. To bypass them permanently is not an option. Can anyone help with suggesting settings for these switches to make Watchout respond properly? Thanks
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