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Need advice with Powerpoint, 8K and Watchout

Aayush Jain

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I am new to Dataton community and I am looking for the answer to one of my problem. One of my client has a requirement for PowerPoint presentation where the screen size for the event is of 8000 pixel by 3000 pixel.

Now if I make the presentation in powerpoint I know it is easy to achieve this resolution within PowerPoint but the watchout Engineer with whom I am working has told me that the maximum resolution output which you can take from a Windows laptop is 4k so we will have to scale the 4K output to match the 8k resolution and hence there is a possibility of the pixelation in the content.

How do I achieve this solution? Is there a possibility that I can take more than 4K output from Windows laptop or shall I make two powerpoint presentations both in 4K and then we can stitch using it in watchout?


I look forward to some help in this area.




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I terms of PowerPoint, the resolution of the output card is the deciding factor to whether you get a particular resolution.  You can create content at 8k but if the video card on the PPT computer is only capable of a 4k output then the output would remain 4k and no higher.  You would then be creating content that is beyond the capability of the video card and making the PPT computer work harder that it needs to because of the excess pixels.    From my experience, even if you were able to attain an 8k output from PPT I doubt it will make much of a difference from an audience perspective, but that might depend on whether the screen is LED or projected.

Hope this helps.

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In the past, whenever I've had to deal with very large format Powerpoints, it's been split across multiple PCs. You just have to make sure you have _exactly_ the same number of steps on each slide (going forwards and backwards) and then use something like a PerfectCue to control both machines with the remote control (or a multi-cue, if you need 3 or 4 machines in sync). Managing changes across 2 presentations can be a pain, but it seems more likely that you will manage to get a UHD output from a powerpoint PC working than an 8K signal.

Bear in mind that you probably won't get perfect sync between machines though - even on slide transitions with supposedly identical machines - so you probably don't want to try playing video. Although if you need 8K video playback, then you have the Watchout so... 

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Budget is always a consideration.

Ignoring any limitations in PowerPoint and addressing 8k solutions in general.

8K = 4 x 4K. Doubt you can get that out of a laptop, a more substantial Windows system would likely be needed for 8k. Cost no object, use an appropriately powerful GPU with four 4k outputs (like most WATCHOUT Display Server GPUs). Set that up in the gpu driver as a 2x2 extended desktop to get the 8K out of a Windows computer. Two DataPath VisionSC-DP2 to get those 4 x 4K into WATCHOUT. ka-ching

Thanks  to wiesemann for the reference. It indicates PowerPoint maxes out at 5,376 by 5,376 pixels. Using a 8k x 3k aspect ratio, that scales to 5,376 x 2,016. I suspect you can get that out of an appropriate laptop via USB-C. Might need to find a laptop that provides two 4k outputs, high end MacBook Pro running bootcamp can do it. Get it into WATCHOUT via the VisionSC-DP2. 

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