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Sound Issue


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Hello everybody,


due to a problem in a show last week, I liked to have your opinion on this issue. 


OS: Win7 x64 

WO: 5.5.1

Config Type: WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - March 2013 SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO.



I was unable to load sound files (wav,. Mp3, ...) into the display computer.

He took on the producer, put it on the timeline, but when I wanted to go online, it started to load, then go on "red cross" without error message.  


I tried to reboot, remove and re-cache files, re-install software. Nothing has worked. 

The only way was to use a video container to play the sound. 


Do you have any idea about the reason? And how to fix it?



Have a nice day

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can you say whether your files are 48kHz or 44kHz?


We have seen some issues with 48kHz and after converting those to 44kHz they worked fine.


Best regards


Rainer Beddig


actually, yes it was 48Khz files, I will try with 44Khz versions and let you know.




I've had this problem once with WO5/windows 7.


to resolve it, i had to empty the cache totally of the display, then put online, and load everything.




Thanks Mathieu, I also tried it but it didn't work, unfortunately.

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hi altar,


this is exactly the problem in WO 5.5.1. when you don´t uninstall the Windows Media Center!

I had this problem some weeks before after updating from 5.5. to 5.5.1.

In 5.5. everything worked fine, after updating to 5.5.1 this problem occured.

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so I converted a soundtrack in 44Khz and the problem was the same. 

Indeed once the "Media Center" unchecked the problem disappeared.
Tom thank you for sharing your (unfortunate) experience.

Yes, but it would be helpful to differntiate between "tweaks" and mandatory requirements.

A tweak is a tweak not a "must have"


I quite agree with Tom. Especially since this problem was introduced with this latest version. (At least for me)

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I'm sorry all, but this issue is NOT introduced in the latest version.


To turn off Windows Media Center Features and UAC, was the 2 first recommendations

we gave for running WATCHOUT 4.2 under Windows 7, in 2010...

It has been in our Tweaking list guidelines, since the WATCHOUT 5 launch in June 2011.



You are of course free to ignore our recommendations and test & try yourself, but they are there for a reason, to help create a base for a stable hardware & software playback platform.



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Hi Jonas,


I am at an event and I have this problem:


I set up the system with 1 Production PC and 1 Display PC. I uploaded more than 20 movies to the timeline. I had a sound quality problem on my display PC output (I am using M Audio fast track usb sound card) for the movies that I am playing from WO. When I play a music from WMP the sound is pretty clear. And I move the sound card to Production PC. Sound quality was better. After 6-7 hours working without any problem, suddenl production PC stop outputting audio from WO. I can play music from WMP but no audio output from WO content.

After that I consolidate all my content and copy the show and move everything to my back up Production PC. I had the same problem there. So I started to think that there is a mistake somewhere on my WO show file. Do you think where is the problem ? What could cause to this problem ? Urgent help please...



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So its a kind of missunderstood. For me the tweaking list always were a list to pimp up my systems, making watchout running better.

Just like pimping my car, I don´t need it, but I can do it. (and maybe its better then before)

In the past I set up an Windows 7 installation ( in former times XP) installed watchout and quicktime, and everything was working.

Maybe not good or really performant, but WO was playing.

With V 5.5.1 exactly this behavior has changed, now you have to turn off the wmc, without WO won´t play!


This is the difference and in my opinion there should be a description of the the things which have to be done making watchout play, and the things that will raise stabilility and performance.


Nevertheless, most important thing is to know this feature :) 



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