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Maximum live HDSDI inputs in Watchout


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I'm configuring a brand new setup in one of our TV studios.

For that purpose we will build an entirely new set of nodes.


We have earlier built our systems with both dual and quad cards from Black Magic.

My question is, if there's any limitations to the number of input cards? Except hardware limitations off course.

I this case, I'm thinking about building the nodes with either 2 quad cards, or a dual and a quad.

The reason is that I need at least 6 simultaneous video inputs.


Have any one previous experience with a similar setup?


Cheers Christian

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Maximum capture inputs allowed, in WATCHOUT 5.5.1 is 12.

8 simultaneous captures is possible, as of now.



Is the 8 simultaneous captures a hardware or software restriction?

i.e. if WATCHOUT allows 12, if the hardware can be found to do it,

won't it allow 12 simultaneous captures?

I am not asking if you have tested this, I am asking where the restriction lies?

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I have tested and I could get 8 simultaneous inputs, 12 inputs yes, but not at the same time IN THE SAME COMPUTER. 

I do not know why. I ave tested 8 HDSDI inputs with Blackmagic, SDI quad, just it is 1080p 30. 


I have not tried with Datapath, but I am on the way. 






PS P9x79 WS can do this. With the corresponding power of the components. 

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I have used 2x BM quad 1080i25 in the same node.

Was using 4 nodes to drive a LCD wall, meaning that even if I used the 8 capture at the same time, was never in the same node.


I also use Watchout in TV studios, and experience told me to only use one or two capture at same time. If I need more windows I use a DVE trough the vision mixer.

I create all the video windows I need in the mixer, 8, 12 or more. Send it to watchout using key and fill from the vision mixer. Like this only using 2 capture in WO.

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