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Watchout 4.5.1 Startup Problem

Joel Limin

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I have this problem with my Watchout display computers for a long time (Watchout 4.5.1 version). How can i make the watchpoint to start automatically once my computer finish booting up? I tried to reinstall the program, but it's giving me the same problem. Hope you guys can help me fix this problem. Thank you very much!

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Problem Solved?


I would try to use the "autostart" Folder and start the Watchpoint with no logo (as admin?)


Never tried this way, because after each reboot i am asked for IP Settings (3rd party tool) and have to click "OK" and then start Watchout manually





the autostart.txt feature was added in 5.5

But you can still use a script as described in Appendix E of the User Guide,

it just involves an additional step of modifying a shortcut to start watchpoint with the script.

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I think Joel is asking for the "usual" way to make a Display PC autostart into WATCHOUT Display/Watchpoint, no?


ie placing a shortcut to Watchpoint in Windows Startup folder.

That's all one need to do, on a properly configured system.


Daniel: A Display PC should always be run as Administrator...please see the Tweaklist.

            If you run a lot of other setups on the same machine, you're on your own a bit...

            I usually use separate OS:es/SSD:s when doing this, to avoid issues.

            A 2,5" multi disk cage in the front of the machine helps a lot here



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Or maybe use this feature in WATCHOUT? 

(does not help in 4.5.1, I know...)


from the WATCHOUT 5.5 Release Notes:



Startup Delay


A command line option is added to the display software, allowing a delay to be introduced when the software is started.

This may occasionally help in avoiding start-up problems, by delaying the start of the display software until things have settled down.

To use this feature, append -Delay 3 to the shortcut used to start the display software ("WATCHPOINT.EXE"),

where 3 is the desired delay in seconds.



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