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I am wondering: is it possible to handle the powering up/down of a WatchOut player machine in an external software, achieving the same results as in Production's menu Stage/Manage Display Computer/Power Up/Down?
I see no reference in the Control Protocol, I guess the answer is "no".

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Hi Orf,

It is not in the documentation.

You'll need to send this to each server in your cluster individually and it only works as long as WATCHPOINT is still active on that server.

authenticate 1


as Quim stated above.


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Pretty sure powerDown requires authentication at level 2, as it is not a cluster command, it is an administrative command which (as you correctly point out) only affects a single watchpoint station (includes all WATCHPAX of course). There is also a command to grab the MAC address needed for Wake On LAN. reference: 


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I managed both the power-up via WOL using the MACaddress and the shut-down using the powerDown command - @jfk I issued authenticate 1 and it worked ;)

I am curious: is there more in-deep documentation of WatchOut commands I can read?




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Ciao Orf,

just to repeat that we are in touch personally.
And an Academy session or training course will be very useful to learn all these interesting things for the way  you are implementing Watchout on your own software .

Chiama quando vuoi.


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