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Artnet working with production PC but not with iPhone Remote


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hi everyone,


hope someone can help me.


I have programmed a show with artnet output to some lights and when I use the production PC to play the show everthing is working. When I want to control the show from my iPhone http://app.dataton.com/remote it completly ignores the artnet output - altough the rest of the show is working (play/stop the timeline).


Watchnet is unfortunatley no option because I have the production dongle only for programming.


thanks everyone in advance


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  • Moderator

This can happen if you do not properly establish the the WATCHOUT Display computer as the cluster master.


If you restart the WATCHOUT Display Computer so that it at the logo screen,

and then load the show from your iPhone / WATCHOUT Remote,

the ArtNet should output properly.


If that does not do the trick, please include your WATCHOUT version in your next response.

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  • Dataton Partner

Hi Dimi,


To complete the JFK answer, it could also be because some Artnet to DMX bridge remember the IP address that send the orders and when you change from producer to display you need to reboot the Artnet bridge…



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the weird part:


I am using Luminet to look into the artnet what is happening there.


Playing with the Production PC I am not seeing anything on artnet but my lamps dim nicely...

Playing over the display cluster I am seeing my DMX value changes but nothing is playing in real life...


I am certainly no expert but this makes absolutly no sense to me



Two remarks:


- I changed to a cheap enttec open dmx converter and everything plays fine (WO5 and WO6 latest versions)- production mode or cluster mode.


- had to record a DMX show two months ago and there I also had problems with Watchout and Artnet. I recorded it but timing and behaviour of the moving heads were off - so I had to record every strip and part extra to sync i to the show. I guess Watchout and Artnet are simply not best friends...

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There could be a third option. I work a lot with controlling Watchout from noth Iphones and Ipads. I establish a small socket webserver on the producion machine, and then host a simple webpage, designed to be able to control, whatever I want to control. So in your case -  if you are able to connect to the production machine from you're Iphone, you should also be able to control it with that method.


Best regards Christian

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