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Hello All,


Im having trouble with the dynamic image server application and was wondering if someone here would be able to point me in the right direction. To test this function, Ive written a quick script that takes the image from my computer's webcam and sends it over the network to a specified folder that the Image Server is watching. It does this about once every 10 seconds, always overwriting the last image that was there with an image of the same filename. Im able to get the dynamic image server to function as I would expect for about 5-10 images before it becomes unresponsive and then crashes. When I check in the windows file browser, my external computer is still correctly sending images and Im able to see them update in the file browser, but the dynamic image server hangs. I'm wondering what I may be doing wrong.




Michael Kohler

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I have also been testing the Dynamic Image Server and have found it to become frequently unresponsive. I have been testing it with various Flash files. It seems like it handles simple Flash files (minimal objects, low processing load) just fine, but really struggles with larger, more complex Flash files. I would test the same Flash files in the local browser and they play just fine, but when they try to play from DIS (that's my acronym for Dynamic Image Server), I don't get the same results.


DIS is a revolutionary idea, conceptually. And I know it will be a complete game changer down toe development road of WATCHOUT. But I'd be remissed if I didn't say it has a ways to go :-(


Don't get me wrong though - totally diggin' the new features of WO5!!

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Hi Michael,


Did you have any luck with fixing issues with the Dynamic Image Server? We have also been experiencing significant problems with the Display software failing to pick up new images from the Dynamic Image Server after several hours, but it does not report an error. Typically rebooting the display software brings it back online, but we can't programmatically determine that it has happened and the Watchdog does not know that anything is wrong.


We have also seen a nasty error dialog indicating and Uncaught Exception, but (of course) no further explanation. We are desperately looking for workarounds.


--Chris Keitel

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Hi Jonas,


Here is our setup using Watchout v5:

Display running on Windows 7 32-bit

Production running on Windows XP SP3

Dynamic Image Server running on Windows XP SP3


We are controlling the production computer from a separate show control system to trigger short auxiliary timelines about once every 10 seconds. At most two timelines are running at any one time. Each auxiliary timeline has different dynamic image assets that get replaced before the timeline is started.


We know that the basic setup is correct because we can get it to work when all the apps are freshly started up. However, after some period of time (1 hour, several hours) the dynamic images stop showing up. We are not sure if this is accompanied by a restart or error on the display machinebecause no errors are logged in the Production message window or in the log files on any of the machines. Of course, we have not been able to reliably reproduce this problem, but it has never run for more than 12 hours consistently.


Any other info that would help?



--Chris Keitel

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We've to program a little flash app which shows twitter messages. It seems to me that we can make the layout in Watchout and use flash only for generating the text against a solid color background. Then we can use the mask functionality to put the layout behind the text.

I'm wondering if the Dynamic Image server can handle this relative simple application??



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A somewhat belated reply to the original poster. I've noticed that occasionally the dynamic image server may get confused when you update files over the network, since it may end up trying to read the file while it in the process of being updated. Instead of writing directly to the target file, write to a temporary file, and once done, delete the target file and rename the temp file with the desired target file name.


Hope this helps.



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