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Success in Watchout 3D on Complex Multi Projector Curves


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I'm interested in hearing about practical cases of success using Watchout's 3D in instances using multiple projectors to achieve physical curves.  I'm aware of several instances, including some of my own where attempts to use 3D has failed terribly when curves and multiple projectors have been involved.  The models have all been completely accurate, both derived from scans of objects, or accurate drafting. Lenses have also ranged from .38 throws to 1.0. 

Has anybody had any luck achieving this?  If so, what made it possible? 

Is anyone using Watchout 3D at all?  If so- how are you using it?

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It would be interesting to know more details, what part in the workflow failed? Was it the importing of 3d-objects into WATCHOUT, or the management of how 2d media is mapped onto the 3d objects? Or (most likely) was it the calibration of the projectors using the calibration points, or the soft edge management of overlapping projectors?

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The calibration of things.  Even when using known locations, carefully entered based on measurements and extensive drafting image was always off. And calibration using points, even when measured out and gridded, were horrible failures resulting in projectors being flung to locations in space that would have been hundreds of meters outside the venue.  Including with projectors on their sides, and projectors in normal orientation.  Honestly the only success i've had where 3D has worked as it should, was on a simple L-shaped wall the projector was hitting at a simple 45 degree angle with a 1.0 lens in landscape.  

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Guest DavidA

Hi Zeek! 

Yes WATCHOUT have been used in multiple domes around the world. At the InfoComm China show, where I am now, we are using WATCHOUT in a small dome setup with Domeprojection´s auto calibration system. WATCHOUT can be used without this kind of auto calibration system too, but for domes and spheres you safe quite a lot of time and you will get better results using a camera. 

Send a mail to business@dataton.com with your request and we can help you. 

Best regards, 

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I have Mapped to 3 cars from a certain South Korean Manufacturer using 3d. It was a steep learning curve but entirely doable. 3 projectors per car. three to mapp to the floor of each instalation and 2 for Upstage of each car.

I have a very large mapping project coming up using 3D mapping on a large set piece for a large Canadian Tele-com company.

We are also building a stock of scenic pieces and #D objects for future use.

All this to say that 3d is very much alive for our purposes

Ben Chaisson

Lead Watchout Engineer


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