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Adobe Encoder 12.1 update loses many encoder settings


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I recently installed the latest upgrade to Adobe Encoder version 12.1 and realized immediately many of my codec and settings went away.  Particularly the HAP settings.  I tried reinstalling the HAP Encoder with no change.  I downgraded to version 12 and all the codecs returned.

I think this is the frustration with Adobe updates.  They can destroy your productivity with a press of a button.

I thought it would be good to let people know.

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I appreciate that once you have known, good workflow, changing can be problematic and time consuming particularly under time pressures. If you can, it might be worth checking out ffmpeg which has support for HAP file encoding. Advantages being it's free, exists on Mac and Windows, does not require outdated Quicktime installs. Of course it does not plug into the Adobe software set but there are very good front end GUI's that allow drop folders, batch encoding, presets and so on. Check out myFFmeg, I have been using this on both Mac (ff-Work) and Windows and it rapidly became my goto encoder package.

As I don't use the Adobe software set I've not looked to see if there is a direct plugin or filter that allows Adobe to access the ffmpeg encoders.

See what you think.


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Adobe is looking to bring HAP back. There is a big support request on the Adobe forums about this issue.

FREE  ---  AVF Batch Converter gives still encodes HAP, but not out of After Effects:


NOT FREE --- After Codecs uses FFMpeg to encode in Adobe software:


That's what I got for you now.

I admit disruption to the workflow is frustrating. It's all supposedly based on OSX 10.14 forcing support for 64bit. If you're on OSX be very careful about the update to 10.14 when it eventually comes out.


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Adobe has responded to the request thread asking to bring HAP back, and they say it is now in the latest release.  https://adobe-video.uservoice.com/forums/911311-after-effects/suggestions/33853372-support-the-hap-codec?tracking_code=f30b83b57ef5a3a3eec8c04c7bad6399.  There is also a plug in developed by Disguise that will add HAP encoding to the CC products https://github.com/disguise-one/hap-encoder-adobe-cc/releases.


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That release says it can "decode" Hap AKA import into AE. Their export/render solution comes from Disguise, which is a work in progress at best. Adobe now considers the matter "complete" touting Disquise's work as the permanent solution to all our Hap problems. Although Disguise should be credited with their effort, you can abandon all hope Adobe will listen to our market. Instead, try this FFMpeg based HAP render beast that works brilliantly with AE. They are very responsive to requests and are a joy to work with, unlike Adobe. I have tried it and tested. It is far superior to Adobe's stand alone AE render core in terms of time, quality, and Hap selection. There are a handful of other ones, such as "After Codecs", but Render Garden is the only one that I have found viable at this point and time, aside from using an older version of AE.

Render Garden: https://www.mekajiki.com/rendergarden/

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