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Numerous Runtime error


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Hi guys,

I have a Watchout 6.2.2 system running on Windows 7 pro 64bits service pack 1 and I'm getting a Lot of "runtime error" coming up with I do most operations such as add a tween track, change it, move content. As well the Live update doesn't work well. I have to run manual updates quite a bit.

See picture here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4Gufj60n48JPz0Ns2

I have 2 displays each with 4 outputs and 2 backup display computers which are just in stand by right now.

Any ideas how to fix this?


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Hi Benoit,

That's good to know.

On the network there are:
-2 Production computers
-4 Display computers
-8 Barco HDF-W30 projectors (which I send TCP shutter cues to)
-1 Lightware Matrix 16 DVI
-There was 1 but will be 2 QLab computers which Watchout will trigger and receive Timecode from.
-4 network switches
-1 or 2 laptops (windows and mac)

I had the UDP incoming trigger turned on and I wonder if it could come from there... I'll play with this and see how it behaves.

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Oh man. I get this error as well! specifically when the system is running in live-update mode and only when editing the properties of certain timeline objects, some images/videos and others cause this bug by me changing a single property of the clip! It always gives you the impression that the severity of the error is high, but simply taking the show off-line and online restores operation. However the bug remains for those clips! Very strange.

Interestingly if you read the sequence of messages (specifically the command it appears to not recognise) it almost looks like normal Watchout data is being sent to the Display and some part of the message is wrong causing the whole transfer of info to fall apart!


Would be very interesting to know if anyone at Dataton has seen this, as it's always interested me. But as I use this particular show file only ocasionaly in a theatre production, it isn't frustrating enough to contact them directly! ?


My network setup is essentially 1 prod, 2 displays, 2 projectors, some blackmagic switching gear and that's it. No more than about 10 items in total!

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Hi Callum that's good to know. So for you it only happens with a specific show file? 

@Benoit Turning off UDP inputs did not help, I'm still getting a lot of those errors. 

Often when moving 2 or 3 clips to a different later or even editing tween tracks. 

I think my original show file was created in an earlier version. Maybe 6.1.? And I'm now running 6.2.2.

Any more thoughts on this?

I'm also getting problems with the 3D projector View tab and Mask tab not always showing their views but just showing black. 

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Hi Pierre I have only seen it on this specific show file, interestingly enough this would be a fairly old show file. It was given to me as part of a theatre tour; so I don't actually know who created it when!

What I find most interesting is some items on my timeline may be 'cursed' as I call them, but if I add the item again elsewhere on the timeline, the new but duplicate item will be okay.

In my old software development days I would see something like this as some sort of overflow where a wrongly placed character thinks the receiving application thinks the 'message' ended (i.e. by seeing an ' apostrophe it thinks the message is over) and then gets confused about all the subsequent data which is still coming in!

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Some things to check:

- How long are your file names?

- How many hops (switches between production and display) does your network infrastastructure has?

- What switches are you using?

- Do you checked cables?

- I can have a quick look at the project file if u pm me.

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