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Watchout 3d module with 2x4k projector problems


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I'm in trouble with a projection mapping that I'm working on. I've got a 3d model of a low poly mountain. 2  4K projectors used with a middle overlap(yes I know it's a bit crazy).

Now I've imported my obj with a correct uv-map generated in cinema 4d. everything is working like a charm all the geometry are corrected, except for Video is choppy. I've got a pixel map of 3840x 4320.

who project this installation,  buyed a watchpax 20, I believe that this little machine have not power to do 3d, blending and 2d warp with a 3840x4320 hap movie. So I've tried with this NUC

Intel NUC8i7HVK

CPU Core i7-8809G

Radeon RX Vega M GH

Archiviazione M.2 2280 x 2 (PCIe, SATA), RAID 0 e 1

a lot of ram I believe 16gb ddr4

I performed all installation with the official tweaking guide so it's perfect, and I've used it in other installation before, no problem at all.

But seems that video is lagging also with this nuc. 

I'm missing something? 

Someone can help me or just share same situations?

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How are you mapping the video on the 3d model, directly or via a virtual display?

I should think the video is the bottle neck here. Playing back such a high resolution hap file is quite heavy for such a small machine, may it be a WATCHPAX or a nuc.

Have you tried just playing the same video content, but without the 3d model, warping and blending?

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I suspect the video won't play smoothly, but if it does, then you know there is nothing wrong with the video, an the problem is somewhere else. All the other steps, such as the 3d model, virtual display, warping and blending, add a certain amount to the work load of the processor. Try removing them one by one to see which one is causing the problem. But as I see it it's highly unlikely they are the source of the problem.

If it doesn't play smoothly, then you know the video is too heavy, and you know you need to do something about that. Maybe switch to a less heavy codec, such as H.264?

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On 2/14/2019 at 11:05 PM, screenshaper said:

H.264 less heavy than HAP?

What I meant was that HAP is more heavy for the hard-drive, as it takes up a lot more space than H.264. However, H.264 is more heavy for the processor, as HAP isn't as heavily compressed and also utilizes the power of the GPU for decompression.

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