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Pax gear

John G

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I am looking for all of the following

SAV adapters 3430 qty 3

Pax Leica adapter 3436 qty 12

Tascam remote cable 3427 & 3460

I'm trying to build up a system to replace my Imatronic SX4000 12 projector dissolve control

I already have the 3 pax units, a transpax &  a smartpax QC                                

if anyone can help or give some advice on what else I may need, I'd really appreciate it. I'm in Perth WA

Regards John

PS. Has anyone had any experience of the Soundpax unit?

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Mike, thanks for sharing the story. John G, thanks for sharing the data sheet. 

Appears the SOUNDPAX could be seen as a Dataton one-up on the AVL ProTravler (which had an 8 year production run). ;) 

A PAX and audio bundle with no System data input? (ie to bypass the audio system and use the PAX when programming from a computer (MICSOFT or TRAX). There is a System data output.

Noticed an analog audio CUE TRACK jack, would make sense as an output. But the screening on the back of the prototype would imply its an input to drive the PAX. 

This must have been an 80s era exercise. My close experience with Dataton goes back to 1990 and i don’t recall seeing that cut sheet.

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  • Dataton Partner

That's were the Hucht Copy Encoder/Decoder came in place a few years later which enabled to encode a CD to carry the control code in the LSB of the audio data. Not sold that often but very handy indeed.

I also read the request for PAX gear and can check what I have in my huge "PAX and friends" storage but since I'm a few continents further west it might be easier if you track something down-under.

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Thanks for the replies regarding the date it probably was early in the 80's the catalogue is undated, however the computers illustrated were Apple and the micsoft disk was version 2.1

The 1986 catalogue doesn't mention the soundpax at all.

Yes it would be nice to get the bits I need from here but so far no response at all.

Best wishes to all for the New Year  



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As I recall, Barry Fluster at Media Fabricators used to have a pretty good stash of all things Trax.  When we sold our building and cleaned off the shelves, we sent all of our Trax gear down to him.  That was about 3 years ago, I haven't heard from him since then.  http://www.mediafab.com


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Still looking for the following if anyone can help:

Cable 3427 to connect a Tascam to the PAX

Cable 3483 & 3460 Tascam

Cable 3540 auxiliary cable

Cable 3435 (long shot I know) need 12

Cable 3475 for Ektrapro x1

3934 Micsoft Reference manual or scans

Needless to say I have not had any success at finding the above in Australia or New Zealand! 


Regards John


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