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Michael Scheck

H264 does not play on one Displaycomputer

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Hi everyone,

when testing an upcoming show in the studio today I have encountered a very strange thing that I could not resolve. Maybe somebody has had something similar and can point me to the problem:


On one of three identical Display-PCs movies with H264 Codec do not play. They appear on screen with the first frame or maybe play for a second or so and then freeze. All other content on top of the H264-video plays OK. MPEG-Video plays OK, too. It´s just the H264. Judging from the HDD-LED the movie is played, the LED shows traffic when playing only the h264 part of the show.


I´m using Win7/32 with the new 5.2 version.


This is what I did so far without seeing any changes:

- check an old show that worked fine previously with 5.1. It has the same problems

- reinstalled a working image

- uninstalled WO and did a fresh install

- uninstalled Quicktime and did a fresh install, also stepped back one version from 7.7 to 7.69

- unistall and reinstall the grafics driver, also tried 3 versions of catalyst: 11.9, 12.1 and 12.3


The only thing I didn´t do is reinstall WO5.1 and try and old show. This is probably no option because I made the show that I need in 5.2, so I guess I´m stuck to the new version anyway.


It somehow points to a hardware defect. Is this possible? To check that I would need to swap components between a working PC and the bad one, no time for that now... Or is there any other likely explanation? All suggestions are very welcome!



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Hi Frederik,

I´ll do that tomorrow after it´s set up at the venue. But I do not have much hope that it changes anything, since I already did a restore from the master-image of our display-pc´s without anything changing....

Regards, Michael

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Please do. I can't believe that identical content will play on two machines and not on a third, which is 100% identical with the other two. If you still have the problem switch computers and see if the problems follows or if it stays on the same screen.


Best regards,

Fredrik S

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Are you receiving any errors when going online or updating?

Possibly a file is missing or no longer correctly attached to its media object?

Would generate an error if so.

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And? 3rd Computer running perfect?


We also have one or two "lazy" computers! Than we realize: The Hardware isnt 100% the same!


Could it be possible in that case?


Grettings from Germany


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