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Hi Mindopera,

Barco HDX uses Pulse protocol which is a bit tricky to use directly in Watchout output commands.

I strongly recommends you to use ArtNet to control shutter, very easy to setup in the projector and to use in Watchout.



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Thanks for your response Benoit.

I have an answer for cotrolling the projector through tcp.

Port = 4352

Shutter Open = $fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff

Shutter Closed = $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff

I take no credit for the string code.  Apperntly this was written by someone in India and it works on our projector.


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Nice that it worked out! 🙂

Sidenote from me:

The HDX-series of projectors, of which the last one was HDX-W20 FLEX (1920x1200), are not Pulse-based,

they are from an earlier generation, sharing processing/control technology platform with HDF/HDQ-series.

I've enclosed our documentation for reference. (HDX series - Command Catalog)

That said, there is however an in-between model, HDX-4K20 FLEX, that uses Pulse processing/control technology platform.

It's not that common I believe, but it is a Xenon-lamp based 4K/UHD 3-chip DLP projector.


Current PULSE-based projectors are:

- UDX, UDM, XDL (3-chip DLP)

- F90, F80, F70, F400 (1-chip DLP)


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