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Edge blending


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How can I improve an edge blending in mixed video content?
I have 6 DLP projectors, 3 projecting on the wall and another 3 projecting on the floor.
On the wall displayed content filmed on the beach (in daylight), and after a certain time, displayed a shot filmed in the evening.
The transition between the contents causes the edge blend to show bad between projectors.
If I  adjust the edge blend to the brightness content, you can actually see the seam in the dark content and the opposite.
What is the solution to such a situation?
Is it possible to create a dynamic edge blend that will depend on time or content?

Best regards,

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Ultimately the quality of an edge blend is a function of projector calibration. gamma is particularly important.

In critical situations, once projector remedies are exhausted, auto calibration systems that add 10 bit blends and black level compensation reach maximum optimization. Scalable Displays running native under WATCHOUT provides such a solution.

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Hi diskin,

Some laser projector models can have their laser power dimmed with artnet, it react quickly allowing to adjust the projectors luminosity to your content, even to replace the fade in and fade out.

We had some pretty good results in dark setups with mixed content of both ultra bright and dark scene.


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2 hours ago, diskin said:

Could the gamma calibration between the projectors improve the seam with mixed video content?

The proper gamma settings will improve the blend, regardless of content.

2 hours ago, diskin said:

How can I do an auto-calibration to projectors in watchout ?

While there is a way to integrate auto calibration using WATCHOUT’s MPCDI support, that method is limited to WATCHOUT’s eight-bit blending.

For extremely challenging situations there are superior options.

There are projectors designed for overlapped blending that handle the blending task internally independent of WATCHOUT and they blend at ten-bit.

A step above are camera based calibration systems. To exceed what is possible in WATCHOUT, they operate at the gpu level “underneath” WATCHOUT. In that scenario, WATCHOUT is set to a single non-standard resolution representing the total of all blended outputs. The calibration system configures the gpu before WATCHOUT is started. When WATCHOUT then requests a non-standard resolution (like a single output of 7248x1080 for example) the graphics card complies since it was already configured for that by the calibration system. This provides the ultimate since the calibration system on its own handles 10 bit blending, color correction and black level compensation at the gpu level below WATCHOUT.

At the end of the day the projector is the limiting factor. No amount of upstream manipulation is going to overcome a projector poorly suited to the task. But with a quality projector, additional systems can exceed WATCHOUT’s best efforts.

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21 hours ago, diskin said:

According to your explanation, this is the only solution to the problem.
Can you recommend projectors you work with and what are the exact commands for dimming?


Most of the Panasonic and Epson projectors can be controlled via ArtNet, I have personally tested Panasonic PT-FRQ50 on which the light source can be dimmed very smoothly and react incredibly fast and Epson EB-PU1008 which also react very fast but can’t totally be switched off.asonic and Epson projectors can be controled via ArtNet, I have personnaly tested Panasonic PT-FRQ50 which can be dimmed very smoothly and react incredibly fast.

Other brands and models can work too.

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