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opcity error and pre roll time

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Hi, I'm using two 4K h.264 contents. 

Each content is h.264 due to high bandwidth, but the file size is large.

Both contents have the same resolution and the same stage position. 

Wait for the show at the timeline position of 30 seconds. 

If the content plays from 25 seconds through an external time code, the opacity changes from 30 seconds to 1 second. 

I gave 5 seconds of preole time for B content to play properly. 

However, sometimes the opcity conversion is not applied and the content is converted to the cut. 

Currently, it is controlled through production.


What could be the problem? 

Does increasing pre-roll time not work in this situation? 

Isn't the pre-roll of content that doesn't appear on the screen applied?



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12 hours ago, artboy said:

Thank you diego.

For now, we have solved it using HAP. 

However, I have a question that H.264 at 4K resolution cannot handle tweens. 

HAP is quite stable, but the problem is always file size.

There are many ways to encode H.264 wrongly for use with WATCHOUT. E.g., you should not use any B-frames! Also, H.264 puts quite some load on the cpu while HAP uses almost no performance of the cpu.

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