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Dynamic Image Server - SWF


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I've successfully established a connection between my Production machine (running 5.3.1) and my Dynamic Image Server (running 5.2, on separate machine).  I am able to upload images through the server and put them on my displays.  I am having trouble running .SWF files through the Dynamic Image server, though.  Every time I try to configure a new DIS Media, I receive this general error message:


"From Dynamic Image "[filename]" of Media List, 2012-19-12 10:59:51"


I configured my presentation according to the Watchout Cookbook Clock Tutorial, as well as Uploading With A Browser.


Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to make my SWF files acceptable? 



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I would not attempt to troubleshoot that problem

without first running the same / newest version of WATCHOUT on the Dynamic Image Server.

There are improvements to the Dynamic image Server in 5.3 / 5.3.1 specifically related to .swf files.


Please uninstall WATCHOUT and Codememeter and install the same version on the Dynamic Image Server and try again.

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Well I'll be, when you install WATCHOUT 5.3.1, Dynamic Image Server shows version 5.2.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. I guess the DIS improvements were on the production / display side of the system.

Dataton AB, any comments?

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I installed Flash CS6, and the built-in flash player allowed me to access the SWF through Dynamic Image Server.  Unfortunately, even though I have the DIS and Production towers immediately connected via Cat6 (not over a public network), and both computers are capable of playing and displaying my SWF file smoothly, the SWF animation as it is pumped through the DIS is very jittery and slow.  Does anyone know a way to increase my bandwidth in Watchout so that it can receive the incoming file smoothly?  Thanks in advance!



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It's unnecessary to install full Flash CS6, only latest Flash Player for Internet Explorer is necessary (ActiveX).




This is only required on the PC having DIS installed.

And may I ask what size your file is?

DIS is not designed to handle large files at high frame-rate...





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