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PowerPoint and Watchout

Rogier Tuinte

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We're working on a fixed installation and the end user needs PowerPoint in the Watchout presentation.

The end-user can copy video files in a video folder, images in a image folder, audio in the audio folder and a PowerPoint presentation in a PowerPoint folder.

All the cue's / external time lines are linked to these different media files. 

I know it's not possible to play PowerPoint directly with Watchout. Capturing a separate computer with powerpoint is a solution, but the client prefer one system which can handle all the media, also the PowerPoint.

Maybe it´s possible to create a interactive front-end which is running on a laptop / tablet which trigger Watchout and a PowerPoint viewer?

Just wondering if someone has a workaround. Maybe in combination with the dynamic image server?
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Midi is one way. I think the better one is use UDP or TCP/IP communication or remote Watchout application for iPhone/iPad. 
In main timeline (or rather in another task) you have to put cue points which stop timeline after every animation and wait for command "run" (see WATCHOUT User's guide p.253).
If you want use remote slide changer but not a phone, well you can build something like that :) Using Raspberry Pi or some ARM kit. But maybe you will find something ready to use on the market.




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