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Network Connection Lost

Benni Brostian

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In the last few days a issue appeared once a day sometimes two times a day - sometimes not one issue a day!


Project is standby and we are waiting to start the show - than the Message from a random Display Computer appears 


: Network error, Display Computer: Connection Lost.


Sometimes i have to do a restart of this machine, sometimes i just have to go "offline" and "online" again and

the machine is back again and running fine.


Do you have any idea to fix that problem? Cause - if this happens during this is not good!!



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HI Jonas - 


facts :


Win 7 32bit

Intel Xeon CPU 31220 @ 3,20 GHz 4 CPU´s


128GB HD SSD for Content/Dataton



all machines are connected by Netgear 16port prosafe gigabit switch.


Running 6 Machines with a AMD Radeon HD7900.


Each Machine playing 4x 1920x1080 by Display Port Output. So we got 24 Outputs.

All Outputs are connected to a AMX 32x32 DVI Matrix with 2m DVI Cables.


DVI Matrix sending a EDID to all Graphic Cards with 1920x1080p 50.


Way to projectors is a 100m Fibrefox Cable. We use PMD DVI Beam. 

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Looks like a good setup, nothing that seems off the chart in any apparent way.

This would be the CPU then: 



But no, I can't see any obvious reason  for your issues.


": Network error, Display Computer: Connection Lost." does not necessary mean it has to be a network issue,

it means that the Production software lost connection with the Display software/PC in question.

It does not tell you why, unfortunately.


You describe it as randomly affecting any of the Display computers? No pattern at all?

Same place in the Show, similar content etc?

What kind of content?



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most times it´s running very well.


a few minutes ago it happened again - i checked the display via VNC Remote,


and there was a Issue Report saying the typical Windows Text "Programm has closed, unexpected error- click to exit"

So there was an issue at a machine.

Means the Display Software hast shut down.


when the error message pops up i lose the pattern on the display computer. i restarted the Watchpoint.exe

again, "Offline" "online" in my Production - than everything was running again.


It is not happening at the same place of the show its random.


We got a 360° Projection and a lot of content. Project is about 120GB.


Clips are


.m2v 1920x1080p 20mbit/s 15gop


i will check it in the next few hours/days - cause at the moment i have no idea, what could be the issue.




btw - do u have a information with the Aux Timeline stops? i posted it 2 days ago. 

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  • Moderator

: Network error, Display Computer: Connection Lost.


This is rarely a network issue,

 it is most typically a sign WATCHOUT Display (watchpoint) has locked up.

Rebooting will always correct that.

Re-establishing the online connection will work after watchdog has restarted watchpoint.


You should re-visit your display computer tuning, check logs for hints, etc,

Look for background tasks that should have been disabled,

look for incorrect or default (Microsoft) drivers, 

all the things known to interfere covered in the document

WATCHOUT Display & Production computer Tweaking list

found in this post: WATCHOUT 5 - Technical Notes

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  • Moderator

mh - when i removed them , how to control the display machines remotely?

a vnc installed itself? how to connect?


y - may this could be the reason for the issue


Oh yes, additional VNC installs have caused a lot of strange behavior,

even preventing WATCHOUT from opening with erroneous error messages in some cases.

I doubt you can simply un-install your VNC and achieve stable results.


To use the VNC installed by WATCHOUT, there is a preparation procedure,

and then you have to send a command to watchpoint to request it.

watchpoint will drop to window mode and load VNC.

Once that is done, you can connect to with any VNC viewer.

When you are done, re-establishing full screen mode (with open or load)

will also remove VNC from memory so that it will not interfere.

Consult with your WATCHOUT Partner supplier or direct

 with Dataton support for more information on advanced control.

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  • Moderator

removed it from all machines.


prepared for the next show in 30 minutes ;)


Let´s see if this happening once more.


Thank jfk & jonas for quick and comprehensive answers !


When you installed it you overwrote settings made by WATCHOUT for its VNC.

When you uninstalled it, those settings will not be restored.

Hope you are lucky today.  :)

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  • 2 months later...



I have a similar ''Connection Lost'' problem.


I go online, say play and  the first content starts to play there is no problem again. As soon as I jump in the timeline with mouse or jump from one cue to another with F keys I receive the error and the display computer goes offline.


When I say offline and say online again again I connect to display computer. And nothing happens until I jump on the timeline again.


I use a 10/100/1000 switch, I have 4 X 1.080P output from Nvidia K5000 graphics card. I have 100M FO cable to each projector.


It is first time that I see this problem. I replaced the network switch, I replaced the Production PC, CAT5 cables.. But I still have this problem.


I have the event tonight, I need help.


Many thanks.

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