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6.5 is absolutley broken?


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Hello, I am using computers from 4wall - built by showsage. We are in communication with them but are unsure if it is the computers or Watchout 6.5.


Has anyone else encountered these issues?

-Compositions crashes both production and backup "Display computer dissapeared".

-Going online via TCP command causes network loss.

-TCP connection sometimes disconnects - unchecking and checking TCP control resolves this issue.

-After the production computer crashes, Watchout gives multiple warnings after changing any preferences - "Are there multiple instances running?"

-Complicated Aux timelines crashes production computer.

-Aux timlines sometimes don't output video, NDI does not work at all from Aux Timlines.

-Standby causes loss of connection to the display computer

-Going from thumbnail to best preview crashes production computer

-General unstability


I have detailed these bugs both on the Dataton helpdesk and some on this forum. Has anyone else experienced these? I just programmed a show with different hardware, on 6.4.1 and am doing nothing different.

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13 hours ago, TedCharlesBrown said:

Well that is unfortunate.. I guess I may reinstall 6.5 to see if there were any issues on initial installation?

Might make more sense to open the WATCHOUT 6.5 installer. Since that version already installed, the installer will now show a repair option. Repair is a less risky method of confirming the installation. And if that does not work, every ShowSage computer has an Acronis archive of its original tuned state on its hidden partition. Restoring that archive removes so many unknowns it is faster than trying to determine what might have been added / adjusted to trigger an issue. Once that is done, uninstall the old version (both WATCHOUT and Codemeter) and then install 6.5 on the media drive. (and if you wanted to be thorough, before doing anything else, create an incremental archive on the hidden partition to restore directly to clean installed  6.5 in the future.)

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Interestingly - the production backup machine had a faulty power supply. Removing this from our rack (which was full and very hot) has given the rack more airflow. We now have a backup laptop networked in.

Going back and testing the bugs I was having, Watchout appears to be more stable (even on the main production computer that has not changed). I was watching task manager before and it didn't seem like the computer was overloading. Now, it seems that the computer might have been thermal throttling - causing system issues.

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