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Video Freeze Up

Suresh Madan

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My configuration is as follows:


MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7 - 3930K 

RAM: 4 x Corsair 4GB Vengeance DDR 1600 MHz

SSD (OS): Intel 120 GB SSD 520 Series

SSD (Media) : 2 x Intel 120 GB SSD 520 Series setup in RAID O

GRFX: AMD FirePro W7000

OS: Win 7 64 Bit


I am running 4 outputs at 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz


I am running a single file 3840 x 1080 MP4 (H.264) encoded at 30 Mbps.


The file is 30 seconds in duration.


First 9 to10 seconds file runs smooth and then image on screen freezes up while timeline continues to run.


Pause the timeline will instantly update the displays to the current point in the video.


Playing the timeline again from paused point, video will play smooth for 9-10 seconds before image will again freeze up.


Looks like the "pipeline" is choking somewhere. the first suspect would be the drive throughput.


But running BlackMagic Design Design Disk Speed Utility yields read speeds of around 800 MBps.


The Media raid is setup on 6 Gb/s ports 1&2  and disk write back cache is enabled.


The OS drive is setup on the 3 Gb/s port 1. 


Any ideas - what's going on suggestions to resolve ? 



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I don't agree with geogen,


I have a similar computer ( but with  Asus 7970 Direct CUII 6 output graphics card ) and I can play 3 - 4 video 4K.

Probably the problem is the  compression ( which software do you use )


If you can give me your email I can send you with wetransfer 2 -3 video with similar resolution.


These videos work perfectly on my system.



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Apologies for jumping into this thread, but I was wondering whether with WO5 and multiple outputs from the same video card, there is still the same need to split large video files into proxies? I've continued doing this - out of habit as much as anything - but since the files are being read on the same display computer, are stored on the same drive and are being shown by the same graphics card, I wonder whether it's still a necessity unless the files are in a resolution greater than those accepted by the media format.

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Please feel free to try, nothing in WATCHOUT stop you from this.


BUT, it will place a completely different, more severe load on your computer hardware.

It will also only play as one file, instead of as a more distributed load as separate pre-splitted files.

As an alternative to a Video Proxy, one can put the separate files in a composition, too.



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It will also only play as one file, instead of as a more distributed load as separate pre-splitted files.



And that seems to be the key,

assuming quicktime decoding is not involved,

the movie decoders are multi-threaded.

How multi-threading is implemented could vary by the codec (decoder).


But I do not know how dynamic that multi-threading is,


Does one big clip get more threads to do the work based on its pixel count?

Or does multi-threaded really just mean two per movie,

 or some other ceiling lower than 4 or 6 times for larger pixel counts?


With six outputs and a six-core hyper-threaded processor

you have 12 threads to play with.


If the thread utilization is 'per clip limited',

then four or six HD/30p movies 

could utilize four to six time the processor resources

than one aggregate movie - same number of total pixels either way,

but total pixel count appears to be secondary to processor utilization in this case.

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The file plays OK on my testrig.


2 1920x1080p60 outputs, 1 from each machine:

Specs on them:


Core i7 2600K


1 SSD for OS - 220 MBps

2 SSD for WATCHOUT (hardware RAID 0) - 850MBps

AMD FirePro V7900, ACTIVE DP->DVI adapters


Playing back the file in QuickTime on one machine was cumbersome, though.



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