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WO6 Generic Ouput **Wishlist Item**


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Is it just me, or am I the only one who is craving to use Generic Outputs mapped to  either Formulas or Even to Generic Inputs?


An "insane" amount of control and time saving could be added with this feature. This might include the ability to :


  • Define Effect Presets
  • Decouple Tween Tracks from a single piece of media and then multipurpose the tweens to be used in numerous places. A simple example of this might be to have a fade occur on all elements in an Aux Timeline whilst fading another in perhaps.


I could go on and on about the uses here...


I have been using similar techniques by sending String Outputs to Localhost and controlling inputs including fade rates within the same file. It works, but requires a couple of trips  to the network stack and through the UDP/TCP listener on 3040. Functional but not elegant.

That would also, perhaps, enable an easy visualization of animated input sliders the same way as I can watch them when I send a datastream in via 3040.



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I agree. and also a compendium of input strings, regarding more advanced processes. I'm designing a huge new TV studio for a 24 hours news station, and at the moment I've achived to use string outputs to control almost all the graphic equipment. But what triggers what? In order to achieve the best timing between calling an effect in WO, and run a realtime graphic element, it matters what element is triggering what. It would also be nice if the compendium included all the combinations when triggering layer conditions with string inputs :-) 


Best regards Christian

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On 9/12/2015 at 11:59 AM, SHOMAN said:

Is it just me, or am I the only one who is craving to use Generic Outputs mapped to  either Formulas or Even to Generic Inputs? ...

Well, you can map a serial output to a generic input. Just setup one of each and set the output IP address to Make the output port number 3040 for production mode or 3039 for cluster mode. Enter a setInput command for the cue (i.e. setInput "uno" 0.5)  and the output will set the input. I have also tried this with DMX out / in, and the input value did respond to output changes, but it did not seem to work in a formula. Reported it as a bug but it seemed to get ignored.

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Hi Jim,

I just tried three DMX values in a formula for opacity and position. Both worked fine for me. 

Actually, since the limitation for one universe in/out has been dropped, DMX values are quite a good work-around for in-out-variables. 



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