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Watchout 6, 3D Mapping and Cinema4D


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Having issues mapping textures to 3D objects in Watchout 6. 


Not sure of the exact workflow hear, but I can't seem to UV map the textures properly on objects. I think I'm missing a step.


I've watch all the videos I can find regarding this. But nothing demonstrates a solution. 

Does anyone here know how to do this? What 3D applications are you guys using?


I'm using Maxon Cinema4D - Broadcast R16.

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Thanks for this! 


I recently did my first large show with WO6 and quickly realized that there are definite limitations to PJ Mapping using the Semi-Auto Calibration tool. What are the limits? Is there any way to do the alignment manually?

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Some of the new videos touch upon this. For texture baking, take a look at the "3D Lighting" video here:




(I didn't want to use the term "baking" in the title, since that doesn't really mean anything to you unless you already know what it is, in which case you probably don't need to watch the video anyway).

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