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Once upon a time, Dataton provided a simple free of charge “web app” to do this. However, newer security provisions in iOS prevent that type of app today (i believe iOS 9 was the last version that worked with the iOS WATCHOUT Remote web app).

The easiest way today is to use WATCHNET. Although WATCHNET is frozen, it still supports features prior to WATCHOUT 6.4. (i.e. do not use Task window folders and you will be fine with the current version). 

However, WATCHNET requires a non-display server PC and a WATCHNET license (i.e. a WATCHNET License is any WATCHOUT License that supports WATCHOUT version 5). New WATCHOUT licences are v6 only and can not be used with WATCHNET. Dataton still offers a WATCHNET Licence (which is actually a new license that supports both WATCHOUT v5 and v6) for aproximately $100 more than a new WATCHOUT v6 License.

Otherwise, you are looking at custom application development.

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You do not have to look for custom development. There is a standard solution on the market which does exactly what you want to do: Controlling (and synchronising) playback between mobile devices and WATCHOUT. It is called PIXILAB Blocks®. For more information, please study the short manual: https://pixilab.se/outgoing/blocks/PIXILAB-Blocks.pdf

PS Search for "WATCHOUT" in the pdf document

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Is everybody sure that Mahesh Verma wanted to use an iPad to control WATCHOUT? He didn't answer my question of what he actually tried to achieve.

If it is just controlling WATCHOUT remotely, I guess there are a few cheap apps on the market running directly on iOS.

All other solutions which come to my mind here run on a proper PC or MAC and offer a gui webserver to which a browser on the iPad could connect to.

While Blocks is an excellent tool and has many cool features it will most probably be a bit overdone and most probably way over the budget.

A bit cheaper could be UNIVERSE which also now comes with a cheaper LITE version.

If the original idea was to use the iPad as a display (?), it won't work.

If he want's to use the iPad as a source (streaming the content into WATCHOUT) one could buy a little NDI app and use NDI in this case.

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6 hours ago, TomT said:

He asked for a connection with an IPad.

Does Blocks support IPads (iOS) for controlling?

Couldn't find anything.

Yes, any iOS or Android mobile device can be addad as a "Display Spot" in Blocks.

Page 5 in the manual: 


Locations of interest, such as displays, theaters, geographic locations or positions inside a building, are commonly referred to as spots. The spots are listed on the left hand side on the Display page, (see above) and can be arranged into groups and sub-groups as desired to simplify navigation and programming.

Spots also include mobile devices, which may be a permanent part of the system (such as an iPad used as an operator panel), or temporary (such as visitors’ mobile phones).

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you can use an open source software called companion https://bitfocus.io/companion/ you can use it with stream deck from elegato or also with any web page even on an ipad , you can customize any button and trigger WO from there , i use this in every show plus it integrate with a wide range of devices , sound mixers , lighting consoles ,switchers , ...etc .

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