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Decklink studio


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Hi guys, I want to buy decklink studio for my new 6 outputs pc

The question

Does this card support simultaneous inputs, for example for 3 projectors I want to show hdmi input and for another 3 sdi camera as live feed


Or I need to buy 2 different cards, one for hdmi input and another for sdi

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Hi Fabios: did you ever manage to use more than one input at a time in another program than WO with this card? I have those cards in both my Mac pro editing station as well in my WO systems and you are supposed to select 1 type of input in the BM configuration panel. (doesn't auto-sense like H264 recorder from BM) So it's just the design of the card that puts the limit on it. If card was able to select and recognize / process multiple inputs at a time, WO would be able to use all of them too. (i.e. with the SDI DUO or so).

See image.



Posted Image


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Yes, they are, and works.

Used by us & many customers (Duo), and by some customers (Quad).

1.5 GBps HDSDI = supports 720p50/59.94/60, 1080p25/29.97/30 and 1080i50/59.94/60.


Need Windows 7 64-bit and preferably at least 8GB RAM.


They are visible to WATCHOUT as 2 or 4 separate cards.


Blackmagic cards can be picky on motherboards, that's only caveat.



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Is the Decklink quad SDI tested to work with watchout? Any issues?


We have placed BlackMagic Design DeckLink Quad equipped WATCHOUT Display computers

 in numerous regional locations for a national sports broadcast network.

As a US sports network, they are native 720p59.97.

Television studios are a stable environment,

in this use the card always sees the same signal type.

Once they are configured correctly - they are trouble free.


About the only thing to be aware of is the SDI connector provided on this card

 is not the ubiquitous BNC.

The DeckLink Quad uses DIN 1.0/2.3 connections rather than larger BNC type connectors.

i.e. Molex, Winchester, Canon, Switchcraft, Canare, etc. ...



Show Sage bundles four male DIN 1.0/2.3 to female BNC patch cables

in its standard price for the DeckLink Quad option card.

No one gets caught by surprise that way ;)

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