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Video screens to Watchout Logo issue

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I have a strange issue with 2 watchout displays. The show is played correctly, but when the displays computers are shutdown for some days (2-3 days) and then it are power on and load the show, it is played right for 7:30 seg and then the video reproduction fail showing the watchout logo on all screens of first watchout display computer  and 2 seconds after the watchout logo is showed on all the screens of second watchout display computer. Note that when it occurs, it is always at this time.

Audio and UDP events continue to play correctly. If I reload the show, the screens keep showing the watchout logo, so audio and UDP events continue playing correctly.

To solve the issue, I must to restart both displays computers or relaunch the Watchout Display software.

Once a restart has been performed after a failure, this failure does not occurs again until several days have elapsed without using the system.

Any error was showing on displays computer.

There aren't any error showed on log of watchout displays computer.

I have these issue since several month ago. I have updated the Watchout version some times and the issue persist. Now the Watchout version is 6.4.


Could anyone give me any idea why this might happen?

It seems like a problem with video playback, but it only appears after several days without playing. Is there a video cache into Watchout that takes place after several days without playing? 

Can you think of any more tests I can do?


Information about the system:

Videos: mp4  Advanced Video Codec , Main@L5,  CABAC: No, RefFrames: 2,GOP: N=1, Códec: avc, 25fps

Display computers have 4 outputs each (1920x1200px resolution each output)

SO: W 7 tweaking

HDD: 2xSSD (one SO and other for Watchout app and medias)

 Attach show timeline image.

Best regards



Timeline show.JPG

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Did you place a Watchpoint shortcut directly in the Startup folder of your Windows system?

When your Watchout Display PC boots, probably not all Windows tasks have been started up.

You might use a DELAYRUN function when starting up the Watchpoint. This enables Windows to complete it's booting before Watchpoint is launched.

(Page 187 of the manual).




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Thanks Hugo for your contribution.I don't know if that you say will help, because it fails after 7 minutes. The playback always starts well, but just in case, today I just added "-Delay 15"

On Monday, I also changed the preroll to 10s and staggered for the 4 videos  that would have to be played after the player fails.

For the moment, no failure have been detected.




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Yesterday the issue happened again.

Playback started correctly but after 7 min 30s the Watchout video outputs showed the Watchout Logo.

The audio continued to play correctly.


What else can I test?



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Can you try to transcode some of the videos to e.g. HAP or MPEG-2 and try again?

We have seen issues when a certain number of MP4 files tried to play at the same time. You're loading files around that time while others are still playing.

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