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  1. Dean Stevenson

    TCP/IP Control Panel for Watchout and PJLink control

    Hi Callum, The answer may be closer than you think, Something like the Medialon Showmaster LE is perfect for this type of thing as it can even take MIDI In , it has drivers built in to control Watchout , PJ Link etc and has a time line Its a 1 RU Box that has a Web Server Interface or its own Panel Software that can run on up to 3 separate devices on the network, Its quite easy to program and Medialon and Watchout have been used together in dozens if not more High end Musicals and theatre shows World Wide since the early versions of Watchout so the combination has a Great Track Record If you want more info give me a call +61 2 94363022 Dean Interactive Controls Sydney Australia
  2. Dean Stevenson

    Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    Hi John, Watchout V6 Doesn't require QuickTime to play back HAP as it has its own Decoder to do this. Kind Regards Dean
  3. Dean Stevenson

    Watchout and Motion Control

    Hi , We are based in Sydney and can assist with the integration of External Control into Watchout if you need. Kind Regards Dean Interactive Controls (Dataton Premium Partner - Australia and New Zealand) +61 2 94363022
  4. Dean Stevenson

    Not so sophisticated computer configuration

    Watchpax 2 would be a good cost effective alternative.