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Datapath and Blackmagic Capture Cards


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I have got Watchout 5.5 and recently purchased a Datapath VisionRGB-E2S, to add to the existing blackmagicdesign decklink studio card.


However since installing the datapath card windows no longer sees the blackmagic. 


Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can fix this?


It is possible to get those cards to co-exist with the right combination of motherboard, BIOS, driver versions.

I agree with Jonas, I would be looking at interactions of the PCIe expansion slots and then look at the software side.

We have seen x4 rated slots drop to x1 when another expansion card is added to a nearby slot.

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I have the same cards, and also the same problem, but the blackmagic is working in windows and i can see it in the watchout, i remeber it used to work, but its not working anymore, maybe the new version?


PS My motherboard is a sabertooth z77

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Hi i am using decklink vision rgb E2S capture card and the drivers for this cards latest fully updated. but during show the capture image gets stuck.. if update in production server it gets refreshed.. but same again in 2 seconds. we tried to change drivers ,, updated drivers but no luck.. does anybody have similar problem?

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