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WO6 and WO5 on the same computer


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Hi everyone,

I wonder, which is the most convenient way to install both WO5 and WO6 on the same computer? I'd like to use WO6 for the new projects, but it is still necessary to maintain the old projects, created with WO5. Of course, it is possible to use the virtual machine, but I think it is quite common issue, may be there is some simpler way to do it.


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You should be able to do as follows:

  1. Install WO5 as usual.
  2. Zip the WO5 installation folder.
  3. Uninstall WO5.
  4. Install WO6 in another folder.
  5. Unzip the WO5 installation.


You should now be able to use both versions. You may want to create shortcuts on the desktop to both versions of WATCHMAKER, since doubleclicking a .watch file will now always open in WO6. Instead, drag the .watch file to the desired shortcut on the desktop.


Note that the default and recommended install location is at the root level of your hard drive; not inside the "Program Files" folder. This is particularly important on Win 8.1 and 10. So I suggest you make two folders at the root level; C:\WATCHOUT5 and then C:\WATCHOUT6 respectively.


Let us know how this works out for you.



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wow, private beta questions in the public forum? makes it hard to tell people they can not have it yet, don't you think?


anyway, thank you Mike for that information, that is very helpful.

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Will the V6 be free update or we need a new dongle ?

You'll need a dongle upgrade. I already bought mine. Can't wait to test the beta next week.


... and to be clear, the upgrade to any WATCHOUT 5 key to add version 6 is handled electronically.

The process involves an exchange of encrypted text data via email.

To start the upgrade process, using the License Manager in watchmaker (v5.5+),

you extract data from your keys, email it to your vendor / partner,

and after payment is arranged,

 a response email will contain text data you copy and paste into License Manager

to apply the upgrade of your existing v5 keys.

The v5 key never leaves your possession.

The upgraded key retains v5 function, and adds v6 function.

BTW All v5 keys purchased this year should already contain both v5 and v6.

You can also check the versions your keys support with the License Manager in watchmaker

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So does that mean a version 6 dongle will work with a version 5 project?



Yes, all v6 USB License keys will work with version 5.5.1 and later.

Some v5 USB License keys upgraded to v6 will work with v5 and later.

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BTW To see this technique taken to an extreme, my WATCHOUT test computer desktop shortcuts ...




Note, I always install the most recent version of WATCHOUT last.

What this does provide is the ability to open a customer show

in the same version it was made in

so that any edits I provide will work on their system.


What it does NOT provide is a valid test of any bugs in any version but the current one.

Some references are shared by all versions, so older versions may be running

with newer versions of some support functions (like codecs, etc.)

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