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WATCH OUT 6 now available!

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I seem to have discovered? a flaw in the installer version of WO6 when installed in my laptop Windows 8.1 Single Language version, and only when in Display PC mode. Production PC mode works fine. Reason I occasionally use the laptop as a Display PC is for 1920x1080 tests (it is the only 1920x1080 'monitor' I have :D )


When in Watchpoint.exe is launched, Watchout's startup screen shows only the bottom half of the '6' in the top half of the monitor, i.e. Display PC does not effectively load/launch, and the version and IP address does not show up. WP.exe does not even load.


Solution: I have to rename my install folder from c:\Watchout 6 to c:\Watchout 5. Then everything is fine - version and IP address is displayed on startup as usual.


This does not occur with my Windows 7 machines, only my laptop's Windows 8.1 Single Language version. Hope it is not only me!


Thomas Leong

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Quick question ,  playback system configuration vs. programming system configuration ,   is it necessary to have the same machines for both or can the programming / control machine be significantly less powerful ?   



Thank you ! 


They do not need to match.

Yes, the programming computer can be less powerful.

Just like version 5, it may be necessary to detune the

production preview with less powerful computers.

i.e. show video as thumbnails, etc.

just the same it will work.

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I have some original Black USB Dongles for Watchout 5 are these comparable with the upgrade or do i need newer keys to upgrade to 6>


All versions of WATCHOUT 5 keys are electronically upgradeable in the field (including the original black keys).

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