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WATCHOUT 5 Display/Production computer specs - 2012 May edition

Jonas Dannert

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Hi all,


I've updated some recommended specifications for Display/Production computers.


They are based on Ivy Bridge (LGA1155/Z77) and Sandy Bridge-E (LGA2011/X79)

chipsets/processors respectively.


Meant as a base/guidelines for new computer builds, please feel free to add on

or remove to/from them.


We are using Sandy Bridge-E/LGA2011/X79 for our Infocomm 2012 show computers.


Please find the specs enclosed.




WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2012 apr IB LGA1155.pdf

WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2012 apr SB LGA1155.pdf

WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - 2012 apr SB-E LGA2011.pdf

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I would like to ask if there is a way to make the media on the Display PC save on the RAID not on the System Drive's User folder.






Short answer is yes.


Simplest and safest way is to uninstall WATCHOUT and reinstall it on the RAID drive,

then it will save all its assets there.


Alternate way is described here: Forcing WO display pc's to use second disk


When you use the command line trick, you must always start from the modified shortcut.

When you install the WATCHOUT application software on the RAID, that is not a concern.

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Quick question,


Is this the the variant of the "ASUS RADEON HD7970 3GB GDDR5 PCI-­‐E DVI x 2/DP x 4" you are spec'ing?


There are are a couple of slightly different iterations. One with only 4 outputs and another one with some mild overclocking (albeit with 1 dual link and 1 single link as opposed to both DVI outputs being dual link.)


I'm just looking to clarify.


Thank you so much.




A big thank you once again to Jim, Jim and Mark for the superb instruction in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

It was very enlightening.

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It's either this card:


or this card:



These both have 4 DP and two DVI.

Dual-link or not is not an issue, I think, Single-link supports up to 1920x1200/60Hz

The over-clocked card does not add anything useful to WATCHOUT, but it might be

an availability question instead. The price difference is negligible.

Remember to use ACTIVE DP to DVI-adapters.



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I have some doubts about the chassi EYE 4806.


Is there space enough to this graphic card ( HD7970 ) and a solution to have the water cooler since the water pipes are short ( Intell RTS2011LC ) ?


I'm following the specs ( 23, may 12 ), however the chassi is different because we don't have the same available in Brazil, but i'm using another one pretty similar, the sizes and specs are the same and I had some problems with the space for video card and water cooler. An extended chassi is needed.


Here is the chassi model I have with the same sizes of the EYE 4806.



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Please, all, as stated in post #1, 3 and 5 above:


This is NOT a list of examples to be slavishly copied or followed.


"Meant as a help and base/examples/guidelines for new computer builds, please feel free to add on or remove to/from them"


Use whatever solution that works for you, and are available in your market. The "4U NK211 ATX" seems like a good choice.


For the record, the Intel RTS2011LC, fits inside the EYE-4806, left front side, WITH a HD7970, after some mechanical work to the front.

Intel RTS2011LC water pipes are quite a bit longer than other coolers.


Please note that some of the Z77/X79 higher-end motherboards with maximum PCIe slots, is bigger (longer)

than the ATX format (12'x9,6' / 305 × 244mm). (E-ATX/CEB/EEB) They will require deeper cabinets.



Some other examples/ideas on chassies, from this thread; http://dataton.com/forum/topic/572-rackmount-4u-and-120mm-rear-fan/


Compucase - http://www.hec-group.com.tw/rackmount_chassis/4u/ Needs mechanical work


Codegen - http://www.codegenworld.com/products.asp?max_id_search=20 No need for mechanical work




Black Ark Technology (similar to Codegen) -

http://www.directron.com/ipc4u600.html No need for mechanical work


Image & Shapetek - http://www.imashape.com/4u-menu.htm Needs mechanical work




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  • Dataton Partner

Not sure what Jonas will recommend, but for my personal experience: used a i5 laptop last major show (yesterday in London) and had no issues at all. Of course system was tweened according to guidelines, performed great, even with numerous hd streams previewing in the stage area at hq. (hp probook 4740s, so not even an high-end system). Normally i always use one of the display systems to have the live video and data preview, but had to use all of my systems as displaysystem (needed almost all of the outputs).

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  • 2 years later...
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I took the USA Watchout training near Detroit some years back.  I think we were using Watchout 3 back then.  Anyway, I believe I remember David Branson, our instructor, saying that all the production computer does when running a show is send out simple cues to the display computers. That sounds like something that even the most basic/cheapest of laptops could do.  Is that still the case?


I do production/creation of shows on a rather high end desktop and of course my display computer is top notch. So, just for running the show, can I just buy a $300 cheapy laptop to do so?  I didn't know whether, as we progress in ever increasing versions of Watchout, whether I need to purchase something more robust to use as a simple laptop to run the show, or if I can be a cheapskate and buy something simple. 



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... all the production computer does when running a show is send out simple cues to the display computers. That sounds like something that even the most basic/cheapest of laptops could do.  Is that still the case?!


This actually changed near the end of the v3 run, IIRC.

Back in those days the timing master was a watchpoint computer even when watchmaker was used

and the above statement was correct.

That has since changed.

When watchmaker is in use, it now takes on the system timing master role.

i.e. there is a continuous stream of timing and system status data broadcast by watchmaker when online.


That is not to say a low cost computer is insufficient.

You may need to run video as thumbnails in preview,

but no harm in that.


What is critical is reliability.

As of today, Windows 7 is still the OS of choice for the most reliable system.

If you can find a unit with Windows 7 drivers,

and tune it carefully, then it should be fine.

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