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Dynamic Image Server and Instagram


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I am have been using Watchout for many years but have yet to take advantage of the new Dynamic Image Server functions. I have been asked to integrate a live Instagram feed into a presentation across many LED walls. Would it be possible to use the Dynamic Image Server functions to do this? Any experience or suggestions on how to approach it with this would be appreciated.




Austin Switser

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Hi all.

I had a project where the customer wanted to use instagram to let the participants update the big screen with their own photos in "real-time"


When testing it there I had a problem where the new images didn´t show up, the only fix was to restart the Dynamic Imageserver.

After some thinking and banging my head I discovered that internet explorer cached the images in "Temporary Internet Files"

Hense, turning off internet caching in IE solved my problem.


Hope it helps someone.


/ Mattias

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3 hours ago, hojoos said:

Nice info, but i need more(

Unfortunately the post referred to back in 2012 -> Dataton Academy cookbook post with sample code is no longer available online. :(

Show Sage used to actually include the Instagram Dynamic Image Server function in their trade show exhibits and in their Dataton WATCHOUT training years ago. But I can not find any info on it today.


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