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Watchpax User Guide?


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I'm testing out a new Watchpax unit and was not given any documentation with it. I can only find marketing material on Dataton's website.


Do you have a User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax?


For example:

-Default resolution is 640X480, how can I change it to 1280X720 or 1920X1080?

-how do I delete a few files on the Watchpax? I will be testing many different clips and once I'm done I'd like to clean up everything that's not current.


Best regards,



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Hi Jonas,


thanks for your help but I already read the 5.5 release notes and aside from setting a fixed IP of a Watchpax there's not much information regarding its configuration.


Especially changing the output resolution, I tried poking around the Watchpax with a keyboard and mouse but it's completely locked.





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From 5.5 Release Note:


New Windows

  • The new Network Window, accessible through the Window menu, lists all WATCHPAX units and other display computers seen on the local network. Furthermore, it allows you to assign display and cluster names to those computers by double-clicking an item in the list. Such names can subsequently be used to address clusters and displays (see above).
  • The License Manager window, known from older versions of WATCHOUT, is back. It lists all license keys connected to the production computer as well as online display computers. It allows this information to be collected in order to perform remote upgrades of WATCHOUT when future major versions becoma available.


New Commands

  • Stage > Manage Display Computer > Delete Other Shows deletes files from online display computers for all shows except the currently open show. This makes it easy to clean up old shows that have accumulated on the display computers, and is particularly useful with WATCHPAX where you can't manage files manually.
  • Stage > Manage Display Computer > Re-build Show Cache removes and re-creates all cached data associated with the currently open show. The cache is normally managed automatically by WATCHOUT, but in some rare cases you may have to force it to be re-built in order to resolve certain problems.


The Show and/or the EDID of the Display device connected to it,  sets the resolution used, so no other settings is to be needed.




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We have projectors that have a native resolution of 1280X768 that we'll either use in that resolution or in 1280X720. For the moment I can only connect to it in VGA but eventually it would be a miniDP to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable to the projector.


Using VGA the output resolution is 640X480 on the projector, that's the issue.



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That might explain it.


WATCHPAX only reverts to the default resolution, when the graphics card do not identify a screen or other display device.

Probably meaning your projector does not give an EDID, or the cable prohibits the EDID to transfer.


Have you connected to the WATCHPAX with Production and loaded a show with any other resolution set for the Display?



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The VGA cable is the standard one that comes with the new projector.


I used an Apple miniDP to VGA adapter.


I have connected Watchpax with Production and loaded a show set with 1280X720, ran some clips, but the projector reports it's input set to 640X480.





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  • Moderator

.... Have you connected to the WATCHPAX with Production and loaded a show with any other resolution set for the Display?





watchmker will change the watachpax resolution when you go online the first time.

I have been testing with an active  MDP->VGA adaptor feeding an ancient CRT ( NEC MultiSync XE21)

at 1280x720@60p with no problems.

There is enough of a handshake in the VGA connection (pin 12) that watchpax knows 

that resolutions beyond 1280x720@60 are too high for this old relic,

and reports that back to watchmaker when a higher resolution is requested. 


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Which probably implies that WATCHPAX does not "see" any display on it's output.

Do not use Apple MDP-adapters, they are all passive. (one exception: Apple Dual-Link adapter with USB-power)
WATCHPAX needs an ACTIVE MiniDisplayPort adapter.

Like Accell, PowerColor, Sapphire or XFX, for example. See below for some ideas.







DP:     http://www.accellcables.com/B086B-003B-2.html

MDP:  http://www.accellcables.com/B086B-008B-2.html



DP:     http://www.accellcables.com/B087B-005B.html

MDP:  http://www.accellcables.com/B087B-006B.html



DP:     http://www.accellcables.com/B101B-003B.html

MDP:  http://www.accellcables.com/B101B-002B.html

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Ok, I found a DVI->HDMI cable and all is well.


By changing the Stage in Production and going online the Watchpax would also change resolution. Great.


Back to my 1st question:

Is there User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax that exists or is coming?

Having all the quirks, do's and dont's in one place would be very handy if we do purchase a few units.



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  • Dataton Partner

Just found a good link on DP adapters:




BTW, most adapters from know eyefinity capable graphic card manufacturers seem to be identical and can be used when they show the eyefinity logo on the box. We have tried XFX and SAPPHIRE with good results. PNY, HIS,... should also work. 


Best regards



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