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  3. I recently had to bring in a keynote presentation into a Watchout show. Using NDI scan converter for mac the NDI stream was not frame accurate. We are presenting on a large LED wall so we had to use a 4K keynote for pixel accuracy. This is essentially a road show so I need a better solution. Would you use a 4K HDMI to NDI capture box or Would you use a 4K HDMI to Usb capture card? Installing 4K capture in our servers is currently not an option. Magewell $K usb capture is a thought but I am intrigued by NDI The presentation in Keynote is critical and a switcher is not inline between Watchout and the LED processors. Any thoughts are welcome
  4. Hello, In my experience, REAL error-free looping between cues in an AUX timeline is not possible (be it stills or video, whatever codec or format). there will always be a short flash to „transparent“, revealing the layer beneath it. Often showing black. So, either use looping with „free-run“ or make the aux timeline so long and repeat the clip as long as needed. Like several hoursor so... Otherwise use the main-timeline for looping a clip/stills between cues. So sad. But still loving the system...
  5. Which audio codec are you using? Try a WAV file.
  6. i have the same question did you solved? my display computer is watchpax60 3368b... and still have same question why?
  7. Hi there, I'm trying to playback a quicktime video with 5.1 audio. Are there any specific audio interfaces that are required to do this? I'm using a Yamaha TF mixer over USB. The Yamaha TF device is recognized in Watchout and detects 34 playback channels, but I don't get any audio. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Is MS Surface laptop 3 suitable for this? Looks like yeah, dual 3K outputs and USB-C 3.1 port
  9. We usually don't care so much about the throw ratio since this will be calculated by WATCHOUT during the calibration. But it doesn't hurt to measure it. The lens shift is measured manually by projecting a grid or any other useful image and by measuring the offset in relation to the image center.
  10. Awesome, thank you for taking the time to share this!
  11. Thank you @Josef Swanberg and @RBeddig. I appreciate your replies. @RBeddig If it's not too much to ask: in our case, we'll have zoom lenses on all the projectors, so we'll need to measure throw ratio as well I assume. I guess the best way to measure is to simply put a temporary flat surface in front of the projector and measure the throw ratio and lens shift manually, right? Or do you use a different way (I hope I'm not asking you to divulge any secrets here ☺️ )? Thanks, as always!
  12. If you have multiple NICs on your computer, you may need to set the priority order of NICs in Windows so the one used by Artnet is at the top. If not, WO may send Artnet data on the wrong NIC. Mike
  13. Earlier
  14. Just for the record, we have had this issue on two occasions with a Watchmax W9100 (from late 2018) running the latest version of Watchout and 3 out 1920 x 1080 No error messages anywhere. Just went black in the middle of the show, and then came back up when we rebooted two times.
  15. Yes, the WATCHOUT License (USB key) must be connected and watchmaker must be online to send ArtNetDMX output. (there are some versions with a bug where some outputs work offline, but do not count on it).
  16. Since this happens only after a full restart, and once the system is up and stable does not happen again until the system is restarted, my guess is on some other program, driver or similar running in the background on the display computer. That "other" thing does something that kicks WATCHOUT out of full screen mode after a several minutes. If the problem were caused by some video codec bug, it should manifest even after running successfully ones, since what then happens is pretty much the same on every run of the show. Of course, the tricky part is finding out what that "other" thing is. Especially since it happens so rarely. Mike
  17. Hi, yes need at least the WATCHOUT dongle connected to your computer. Don't remember if offline works. Best regards, Quim
  18. hi i have computer WO production installed with IP i connect to dmx512-artnet controller with ip i want to turn on a led par i have set WO like this ( image attatch) but not working, light not turn on, artnetominator not detect comunication between wo and artnet light controller. ping in CMD both is connected do i must go stage- online (connect the dongle) before play the timeline in order to turnon the light? please help me with setting example of these thanks
  19. Thanks for the fast reply, jfk.
  20. jfk


    same for those.
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    While I know of no-one who has tested the DELTA-3G-elp 11, most likely you will be able to get the input to work. No way you will get the output to work.
  22. DELTA-3G-elp 20 or DELTA-HD-elp 44
  23. What about DELTA-3G-elp 11?
  24. re: mp4 videos. Certain mpeg4 / h.264 encoding settings will result in unstable movie files that have been known to crash WATCHOUT, specially when looping. The notorious bi-directional frames are the biggest offender. Disabling them will result in a more stable file. Unfortunately, many encoding softwares do not provide a simple method of disabling bi-directional frames and they are almost always on be default. Often, coding profiles along the lines of Best Quality indicate the use of bi-directional frames and something along the lines of Good quality disables them. The profile names are misleading. It is possible to achieve the exact same quality with or without bi-directional frames, the difference is file size and bit rate. Basically, your encoding guru needs to know how to get the encoding tool to handle this setting correctly. If all that is to confusing, HAP avoids all of this as there is no equivalent to those frame types in HAP. But HAP files are MUCH larger than mpeg4.
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    I do not have the information you request. Deltacast offers a variety of cards, and not all are supported in the standard WATCHOUT software. Could you be specific on the model of Deltacast card you are inquiring about?
  26. Our approach is to actually measure the lens shift and to type this in - locked. The rest will be done automatically when calibrating 6 points on the object.
  27. I can recommend you to read the user manual on the subject, in the section 3D MAPPING PROJECTOR. Here you can see, among other things, that both the Lens Shift and the Width/Distance Ratio properties can be either locked (which means you need to calculate them yourself) or let them be determined by the calibration.
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