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  1. Michael

    WATCHOUT 6.2 Bugs

    Quim, I think you missed the tab where you can choose the option to select the installation folder. Regards, Michael H Digital AV - ISRAEL
  2. Hi, Image server required additional license key, even if you set it on your production PC. "NOTE: As the Image Server runs as a separate application, it requires its own WATCHOUT license key. " Michael H. www.digital-av.co.il WATCHOUT PREMIUM PARTNER
  3. Hi, Does anyone have conclusion about the best way to go for upgrading a show from WATCHOUT v.4 to WATCHOUT version 6? In which sub version it is better to pass? (for example: V4.51 > V5.1 > V5.5 > V6.1 ) Any tips related to this subject is appreciated. Thanks, Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL www.digital-av.co.il DATATON PREMIUM PARTNER
  4. Hi, Just leave it to automatically finish all the update process. You don't have to connect keyboard, no need for any extra click.
  5. Michael

    black screen

    Assaf, Your description is not so clear, but I guess that something wrong with "killing" a running TimeLine. You can send me directly your show file and I'll have a look on it. ----------------------------------- Michael Humash DATATON PREMIUM PARTNER Digital AV - ISRAEL
  6. Hi, I still have a box with many new devices and accessories. It was a back up for a visitor center that closed this year. You can contact me directly. Michael H. info{AT}digital-audio-visual.co.il
  7. Michael

    Tween track - corner

    Hi, When "anchor position within image" is set to Top Left, and you choose Tween track > Corner the anchor is covering the left corner point, which then you cannot drag it with the mouse. Making some exceptional behavior for that will apreciate. Regards, Michael Humash Dataton PREMIUM PARTNER Digital AV - ISRAEL
  8. Hi, The problem of this subject is the ability to choose any video input rather than none. Those inputs are working well when the same display PC work as a production PC. Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL
  9. Michael

    Drag and drop not working in media bin

    Are you using regular pc or virtual machine (Parallel/Fusion)?
  10. Michael

    Basic Geometry issue...

    Hi all, This "problem" occurred when using local OS (Like Hebrew) with primary Hebrew keyboard. * I'll instruct them how to handle it (2nd case is what Adela wrote) Michael Humash Digital AV - Israel
  11. Michael

    Watchout Remote question and other newbie Qs...

    Adam, I'm not sure I understand what do you mean by "one after another" but you can add - in the end of each aux timeline - a control cue that will automatically will play another aux timeline. You can make an aux timeline that will reset all your aux timelines. Yes, when you copy timelines/cues all the content will be copy as well. *Of-corse editing is only with a production pc. Regards, Michael Humash Digital AV - Israel
  12. Michael

    Display- Edit Startup Script?

    Hi, The "Edit Startup Script" is for the WATCHPAX. Is this your case? Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL
  13. Michael

    Feature requests? - POST here

    Undo > Text Media It will be nice to have the option for UNDO when deleting Media File, especially Text media. While media files still exists, "Text Media File" have to re-edit if deleted from the list. Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL WATCHOUT PREMIUM PARTNER
  14. Michael


    As Mike wrote, license key. (One key for the server within your rig) Michael Humash WATCHOUT PREMIUM PARTNER Digital AV - ISRAEL