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  1. Andrew

    Sending OSC

    Try this appliaction https://github.com/ETCLabs/OSCRouter
  2. Andrew

    3rd Party UDP control issues with Watchout 6.2.2

    I have a similar experience. I made the show with 6.1.5 and then updated it to 6.2.1. I used to bring up an existing show and got a problem. In 6.1.5 it was executed normally. However, in 6.2.1, a lot of contents were flickering or playback failed. I tried a lot but I could not solve it and I had to go back to 6.1.5.
  3. Andrew

    Parsing error 3 on UDP input

    If you want to solve this problem, make sure that your MAX/MSP is sending the correct syntax first. I suggest UDP monitoring program. Check the exact syntax with the UDP monitoring program instead of WATCHOUT. You are sure thath the syntax is correct then use your WATCHOUT.
  4. Andrew

    WATCHOUT 6.2

    I know that WATCHMaker still works on win10. I wonder if WATCHpoint is capable of multiple display output in win 10. If not, is the 6.2 version available?
  5. Andrew

    WATCHOUT 6.2

    Hi Miro. Does WATCHOUT 6.2 Display software support win10? if not, when is it possible?
  6. Andrew

    Interaction Name 6.1.1

    to Benoit. thanks for your project and link. could tell me how to trigging via interaction name in 3rd party program?
  7. Andrew

    Licence key not found

    IF you have licence begining No 3-, should upgrade CM firmwere 3.0.1 in Codemeter Control Center.
  8. Andrew

    WATCHOUT in Windows 10

    when will work watchout in win 10? I can't buy win 8.1 anymore because win 8.1 discontinued now. http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-to-discontinue-windows-7-8-1-on-new-pcs-in-one-year/ maybe i will buy few package at open market but can't buy already at online market.
  9. Andrew

    quetion from training video

    Hi yoshimura. i had same question. haha if you want mapping on 3d model with large mapping file, you will setting UV mapping by SKETCHUP. just simple. choose your model and apply material by bucket tools. then use texture image in edit tab. if you mapping some size image via this method i will see same result in WO6.
  10. hi all~! my show is show 30-FHD image file(jpg) via Dynamic Image server. But.. image appears on the display, takes a long time. (over 5 sec.) I want the images to appears a more quickly. how can it be faster? ------------------------------------------- Display server & dynamic image server win7 64bit i7 3870 16gb ram ATI 7970 128g SSD x79 MB gigabit network
  11. Andrew

    multiple Live Video Camera Capture Cards

    i Agree too. BMD configuration is finicky more than Datapath. But, cost is very good.
  12. Hi all~! I need a system that 4K output via WATCHOUT5. so.. i will choose VGA card. What is better performance between ATI FirePro w7000 or ATI R295X2 for 4k display via WATCHOUT?
  13. Andrew

    WATCHOUT 6 Public Beta

    Hi mike. you sad .. the "generic Variable" output is mainly intended for use in task trigger conditions. if i want play 'SHOW' auxailiary timeline. for now, i'm using 'tell timeline ' in control cue. so... what' difference between 'tell timeline' in control cue and generic variale function?
  14. to Thomas. sorry, my reply has little mistake. HEX 80040265 is DEC -2147220891, not -214024770. anyway if you want show up '-2147220891', press '0' ,'-' , '2147220891' and press Enter. ( 0 - 2147220891 = -2147220891 )
  15. to mike. make use windows built-in calculator. changes to the programmer-mode converter.(Alt+3) enter code (-214024770), and press HEX button. so..you will get hex code 80040265.
  16. Dataton said, Using only CPU when content decoding, so what is role of the high perfomance GPU? i would like to play a 4K video smoothly via 4k display. if so, do i need to invest where?
  17. Andrew

    Panasonic PT-Z21K Command Controls

    could you set your projector password ? projector password must be 'empty'. and of course, turn on pjlink function on projector setup menu.
  18. i was test a few hardwere. our system was i7 4930k, asus x79, w7000, 32G, win7 64bit. Video : h.264, UHD, 60Mbps, CBR 2 output was so good.
  19. Andrew

    Recover Show.

    hi moss~! Rebuilding from display server show folder: 1. rename the spec file DFC_DATA(no file extension) 2. Zip the file 3. Rename the resulting zip file to ***.watch. this information from Fredrik~
  20. Andrew

    i need more powerful Dynamic Image Server.

    Thanks jonas. But image will be change realtime. So i use dynamic image server And i need more powerful server.
  21. thanks TomT. I need ONE GPU-CARD, not two gpu-card. in other case, HD7970 higher Benchmark scores than W7000 but DATATON recommanded W7000 in 'WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U -2013 ar SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO.pdf' I think W7000 has something special fucntion compared to HD 7970 for WATCHOUT. What do you think?
  22. Hello all~ I using 'sensor in a box' on behalf of midi controller. (accent sensor in a box -> Pysical computing with Micro process. similar 'Arduino' http://www.arduino.cc/ ) This device connect at WO5, occur ERROR message. 'midi i/o errir : buffer overflow' What is meant this error message?
  23. Andrew


    wow it's amazing program~!!! however, what type is this program? buy once, make several app?(like adobe flash) or buy one package, make one app?(like license type)
  24. Andrew

    4K Video Playback

    To. jfk What was used cable? HDMI 1.4? DP?